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Best Places to Visit in Macau

Macau is a small charming place in Portugal that is truly centered in the Far East Core. Instead, it is only 60 kilometers far away from the forest in Hong Kong, and the existence of the well-preserved colonial building and cobbled street, still waiting to cherish the Best Places to visit in Macau.

Once arriving at the place, you must take a tour through the bustling streets and the decay of the cathedral. This is how you can experience the city’s ancient lifestyle over all the attractions with just 1 hour cozy ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau, and the existence of the well-preserved colonial building and cobbled street, still waiting to cherish the Best Places to visit in Macau.

Moreover, if you are looking for a cheap deal to book a Macau trip, you can make Malaysia Airlines Booking at the best price. And there are none of the surprising moments in the old-time core of Macau. It encompasses China’s most prominent World Heritage Sites.

The mainland is the home to iconic attractions including adventure. It is very close to Macau and easier to reach through the twisty alleys. While crossing through the curving roads of Macau to reach out to the mainland, you have a great opportunity to explore many similar spots.

Macau encompasses the sightseeings areas and enormous waterfront hotels lying on the cotai’s island.

Once glimpsing the mains of Macau, it might be more exciting than earlier to explore the state. And might be initiating more to know about the Best Places to visit in Macau

It would be great for you to seek the detailed tourist attractions of Macau which are as follows and orient yourself in a better way.

St. Paul’s Cathedral–An Ancient Time Main Church

One old finest attraction where all the Christians throughout Macau assemble to adore the Lord and seek eternal peace to the soul. Undoubtedly there are many churches throughout the state, but why is this church especially recommended to explore? First and foremost, it is the leading one among all the churches in Macau. Secondly it is architecture that hosts an iconic sight to the tourists.

While sprinkling the satisfying view to the visitors, many can avail it’s captivating views for snapping the epic selfies or enhancing the photoshoot collections. Due to its architectural beauty and the location many prefer this attraction to explore.

It has been lying next to the Macau Museum and Mount Fortress. St. Paul’s Cathedral is a Jesuit old-time construction encompassing an endless glamor. The gigantic relic and a stairway are other distinctive structures that have promoted the church to the most prominent site.

Attractions such as the Statue of Jesus & Madonna, bas-reliefs shelled walls in variant orientations like angels, devil, crucifixion sign and Portuguese coasting ship, and the captivating sight through its ground before it.

Senado Square–UNESCO’s Extension to Stroll

Senado Square is one of the prominent tourist places to explore through the Macau trip. While it’s a frequent bustling zone of the Macau City, UNESCO considers it a World Heritage for touring. Tourists are not the only ones who love to spot this site in Macau, but the locals are also one of those who have been visiting this charming place in macau.

The Square is not all about shopping, cuisine, and workspace. It is an ideal core of a World Heritage Site as per UNESCO’s declaration since it well depict the magical past of Macau.

The enormous European infrastructures, a botanic, and a falls elevate the appealing site. Though Senado is boasted with the visitors all the time, Senado seems more ravishing with the coming celebrations and events. If you Spot the place during the special day’s vibe such as Chinese New Year do not miss the astonishing firework, lion and dragon performance held there.

The Venetian–Themed Hotel as the Spot Name

It is one of the popular and distinctive attractions throughout the state that you can experience only once visiting the place. For your convenience in glimpsing the place before spotting, let us aware you of a bit of glamor.  Whether it’s shelled under the rooftop, you can experience the open area construction through this hotel.

While it’s incompatible accommodation for the tourists, the hotel encompasses all options to the visitors. With this, none will escape to the next places for different choices like shopping, eating, playing games, and enjoying the live performances through the entertainment zone.

Adventure like Gondola Ride and poolside lavish experience you can seek through this themed hotel.

Macau Tower–Iconic Highlighter

It is a most prominent icon of Macau. Tourists consider it for the lovely eyeshots from the-top including a magnificent architecture, and an incredible design infrastructure. Gordon Moller is the architect of this beautiful structure standing three hundred and thirty eight meter long. This might be the reason behind Macau tower being one of the Best places to explore in Macau.

It has a spectator option and lounge, caf-, revolving deck,  cinema, and stunt zone. Moreover, the most adventurous and exciting task is climbing the world’s second highest bungee jumping based peak relating to the Macau Tower. If you are getting scared of the Bungee jumping, you can enjoy the sightseeings across the landmark and click some selfies.

A-Ma Temple–Historic Worship Spot

A-Ma Temple has been in existence since 1488 which is even devoted to the Chinese Goddess Matsu. Seafarers and fishermen are idols who worship the Goddess Matsu.

This prolonged worship site is one of the top and unique spots that you should explore in Macau for sure. People believe that this temple was the inspiration of Macau too.

The marvelous architecture, style, d-cor, and overall design are the great blend to make it one of the most prominent sites to enjoy sights in Macau. Moreover, due to such glamor, it draws crowds. The temple has been divided into six different sections and all sections hold the remarkable spiritual tenor of its own.

Fisherman’s Wharf–A Themed Shopping mall

Fisherman’s Wharf is a themed shopping mall and park that lies next to the Maritime Terminal. Furthermore, it was designed backing Euramerican fisherman’s wharfs. This attraction has been lying over twenty eight acres. Dynasty Wharf, namely, East Meets West and Legend Wharf are the three sections of the Fisherman’s Wharf which is definitely suitable for you to add to your itinerary.

Water Performance Arena and R Amphitheater Eater, a Video Games Center, man-made waterfalls and volcano, model battleship are the thrilling options to enjoy through the Fisherman’s Wharf. If you are with your kid you can spot the Arabian themed kids play zone. If you find all the air tickets sold out on your preferred airline, you can choose Sun Country Airlines Booking and get ready to fly to Macau.

Where to Stay ?

Here’s the list of safe and secure places to stay in Macau till the weekend gets over.


  • Broadway Hotel
  • Inn Hotel Macau
  • The Macau Roosevelt
  • The Countdown Hotel
  • Wynn Palace
  • Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central

Old Macau

  • Hou Kong Hotel
  • Ole London Hotel
  • Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel
  • Holiday Hotel
  • Macau City Center
  • Hou Kong Hotel
  • Ole London Hotel
  • Hotel Man Va
  • Asia Boutique Inn


  • Asia Boutique Inn
  • Pousada Marina Infante Hotel


  • Pousada Marina Infante Hotel
  • Asia Boutique Inn

Best Time to Visit

To enjoy the pleasant weather throughout Macau, You must go during October and December. These months are the most ideal time to visit the city and enjoy the magnificence. March to April boasts Spring which is even an ideal time to go to Macau.

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