Best Small Business Ideas For You In 2022

Video Production Business

Are you the person who carries a camera with them all the moment, or the kid who used to record all of your family’s events and memories on a video recorder? If so, creating videos might be one of your best small business ideas. There is unquestionably a need for people who can shoot, edit, or do both types of video production given the popularity of video on social media sites and the internet in general. There are many courses available that can teach you how to cut and edit video using applications like Adobe or Final Cut Pro, even if you don’t have any prior experience in the field (unlike graphic design).
Also you start with simple and easy to use softwares like Pictory AI and for voice overs you can use text to speech softwares.

Jewelry Making

There is always a demand for unique handmade jewellery. I’ve seen several people launch successful jewellery businesses from their homes. And nowadays, there appear to be an infinite number of places to sell your jewellery.
Jewelry can be sold on websites such as Etsy and eBay. Some people begin selling at craft shows and flea markets. I’ve seen other people sell their wares in jewellery stores. Jewelry retailers will seek a significant discount from retail, such as 50% or more. Merchants may initially only accept your product on consignment, which means they will not pay you or take ownership of the jewellery until it sells. Regardless of the sales strategy you go with, I advise you to support it with your own website and marketing initiatives like creating an email list and a social media presence. This will help you build credibility and attract new clients through word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat business.
Whatever sales approach you choose, I recommend that you back it up with your own website and marketing efforts, such as building an email list and a social media presence. This will help you gain repeat customers, gain new customers through word of mouth, and establish credibility.
Holly Christensen is an example of someone who changed careers to pursue her passion of creating jewellery. Holly started out by making jewellery on her kitchen table and selling it at local craft shows. Her one-of-a-kind touch was to incorporate sand from popular beaches into her jewellery. People told her she was crazy.

Start a Blog

Ariana Huffington began blogging with her friend Ken Lerer in 2003, following a failed political campaign for governor of California. They compiled news stories and provided political commentary on their blog, which they called The Huffington Post. They sold it for $315 million in 2011.
A blog is an excellent example of a small business that can be grown at your own pace. Fashion, food, travel, music, sports, local interest, hobbies, and many other topics are popular blog topics. Select a specific or specialised topic and stick to it. Allow your personality to shine through by providing specific, actionable advice or pointed commentary.
In my experience with blogs, great topics and writing are rarely enough to attract a sizable audience. You should learn the fundamentals of SEO (search engine optimization) so that your posts rank high in Google search results. You’ll also want to understand how to use email and social media marketing effectively.
There are several ways to monetize your blog. The simplest option is to join an advertising network like Google, Facebook, or Outbrain and let them handle everything for you. To make a lot of money selling advertising, you’ll need a lot of traffic.
Affiliate marketing is another popular option. You link to other businesses that sell products or services on your blog, and they pay you a commission on each sale then you can directly approach affiliate marketers such as Amazon. Also you could also use an affiliate marketing service like ClickBank or ShareASale. These services offer thousands of products with commissions of up to 70%.
You can also use your blog to sell your own products or services. You could sell your own webinars, courses, ebooks, handcrafted goods, or consulting or coaching services, for example. On Nantucket, I saw Gene Mahon build a successful blog business called Mahon about Town.


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