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Best Things to do in Madrid

Almost every person in the world heard the name of Madrid. It is also represented as one of the most beautiful destinations to spend a vacation with family and friends. Madrid is located in Spain and renowned as a modern metropolis that offers you a taste of Spanish culture and history. Here, in this beautiful city of Spain, you will get a chance to visit some of the iconic museums that can offer you the tales of Spain’s rich history. As the capital city of Spain, Madrid contains several art galleries and historical monuments that can entertain you in the best possible way through your vacation.

So. Are you interested in visiting Madrid? Do you want to plan a vacation in Madrid with your family and friends? If yes, then you need to know about its best holiday destinations where you can visit. To enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you should create a must-visit list of Madrid. But, if you are having trouble making a list and need some help, then this post will be helpful for you. Here, in this post, you will find a list of the best places in Madrid where you can visit and enjoy the best moments of your life.

Have a look,

Let’s plan to visit the iconic Prado Museum

The Prado Museum in Madrid is undoubtedly one of the prime landmarks that attract millions and millions of tourists from all over the globe. The iconic museum contains a collection of over 700 sculptures and 8000 paintings. If you visit this museum, you will get a chance to explore more than 100 rooms on three different floors containing around 2300 pieces of the collections. Here, you will spot the paintings from the early 19th century and 12th century. So, are you interested in visiting this iconic museum in Madrid? If yes, then you need to make an Allegiant Airlines booking.

Witness the beauty of the Crystal Palace and visit Buen Retiro Park

If you want to visit some breathtaking gorgeous destinations in Madrid, then the Crystal Palace at Buen Retiro Park will be perfect for you. The beauty of this destination is so impeccable that it attracts tourists from different corners of the world every year. The lush green park is stretched into more than 140 hectares of landscape that contains 15000 trees. The historic park was created in the 17th century for the Count-Dube of Olivares, and the Crystal Palace, also known as the Palacio de Cristal, was later built in 1887.

Explore the Royal Palace and Gardens

The Royal Palace in Madrid is stated as one of the most visited destinations. The beauty & glory of this Palace attracts millions and millions of tourists from all over the globe. The Palace is still the residence of the King of Spain. While exploring this Palace, you will get a chance to witness its amazing interior. The Royal Palace of Madrid and Gardens is globally popular for its beauty. Here, you can spot several art masterpieces like the paintings by El Greco, Goya, Velazquez, and Caravaggio that decorate its walls.

Let’s stop at the Plaza Mayor

Here, we are talking about the plaza from the reign of Philip the Third. The Plaza Mayor of Madrid was built in the 17th century and later used as a commerce and municipal life center. Here, in this plaza, one can also get entertained with knightly tournaments, dramatic performances, and bullfights. In the present meantime, the Plaza Mayor still welcomes many tourists from different cities, countries, and continents. It will be a great destination in Madrid where you can visit with your family and friends. Here, you enjoy and capture some of the best moments of your life.

Embrace the beauty of Puerto del Sol

The Heart of the City – Puerto del Sol is considered one of the most entertaining destinations in Madrid. Here, you can get a chance to explore some of the most iconic historical spots and events like the Second Republic, which was proclaimed here in Puerto del Sel, and the Spanish resistance to Napoleon on the 2nd of May 1808. There are also several shops and cafes lined up here to make you feel relaxed while exploring this destination. If you’re a shopping lover, then you can visit El Corte Ingles, the largest department store in Madrid.

Witness the glorious collection of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

If you are looking to explore a museum that contains contemporary art, then this museum will be perfect for you. The Museo Reina Sofia was opened in 1986 by Queen Sofia. Here, in this amazing museum, you will get a chance to spot more than 23000 artworks. The museum has a massive collection of Spanish contemporary and modern art, including masterpieces of extraordinary artists like Alexander Calder, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miro. Are you getting excited with its facts? Do you want to visit here? If yes, then you should purchase the packages from Southwest Airlines Vacations. It will help you explore the amazing tourist destinations of Madrid at an affordable vacation package. You will also get the cheapest flight tickets from Southwest Airlines. So, don’t waste your time and connect with the Southwest airlines español telefono to book your vacation package.

Last but not least, explore the Temple of Debod

The best way to end your excursion to Madrid is by exploring the Temple of Debod. It is an ancient Egyptian temple that attracts many tourists and believers from different corners of the world every year. The Temple of Debod is dedicated to the ancient Egyptian God and Goddess. The God Amun and the Goddess Isis used to be worshiped in this ancient Egyptian temple. This beautiful ancient temple was built in the 2nd century BC for King Adikhalamani. In this temple, you can also get a chance to witness the well-preserved original decorations. It is considered one of the rarest archaeological sites, now surrounded by a fountain and reflective pools. It will be an amazing destination in Madrid where you should visit with your family and friends.

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