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Best Ways To Do Music Video Promotion On Facebook

Unexpectedly, Facebook is a powerful medium for small-scale bands to get fans. 

You are no longer limited to garage band websites and niche aggregators; with some strategic use of Facebook, you can connect with local audiences as well as audiences across the country and do some serious music video promotion.

You probably need to have some money to invest if you want to make the most of Facebook. I realize that this isn’t always feasible; it’s challenging to choose Facebook when you have to decide between a few Facebook advertisements and a new amp, instrument maintenance, or travel costs for a gig. You are not to blame for making that decision. Just think about saving a few dollars so you can use them on Facebook when you have the chance.

Top 14 Ways To Do Music Video Promotion On Facebook

1. Establish a Band Page

You can try to promote a new music video solely using your own personal account and the accounts of your band members, but if you haven’t already, creating a page for the band is actually a better choice.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the specifics there because there are a ton of publications about creating and optimising pages. By creating a Page, you may utilise a variety of Facebook tools, grow your fan base, and continue to use your personal accounts to disseminate and promote your music. When putting it together, just be sure to select the appropriate page category so that Facebook will optimise your content.

2. Share fresh music videos on Facebook as well.

Because all the big stars upload their music videos to YouTube, it is frequently thought of as the preferred location. They frequently use a VEVO-branded account to share and advertise their material for their music video promotion.

Of course, you can open a VEVO account on your own. You can get assistance with that procedure through a few subsidiary businesses or by contacting VEVO directly.

Contrary to popular belief, avoid posting only to YouTube. Facebook prefers it when users use their native video platform and will always encourage native content over YouTube links. Always share your most recent videos on Facebook and any other websites you may use.

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3. Use ads to publicize fresh videos

That Facebook has a whole ad style devoted to promoting their video system should not be a surprise. Utilize video advertisements to increase page views, engagement, watch time, and website clicks to your page or band’s website.

Yes, it is expensive. Yes, there are a lot of little, finicky knobs you need to adjust so you can speak to the correct people. I can understand why you don’t want to look into it, but perhaps you should think about asking a friend who is familiar with Facebook ads or even hiring a specialist to handle the task for you.

4. Promote announcement posts with advertisements

For Facebook advertisements, you don’t have to stick to just videos. You can run advertisements to promote your profile generally, albeit this strategy isn’t always the most effective. Making announcement postings about new music, new upcoming content, new merchandise in your store, or anything else that is important to your audience is something you should highly consider doing. Then, pay to have those posts promoted as “boosted posts” or “ads” in an effort to increase the number of fans who see them. Even easier: just focus on your current followers. Unlike with videos, you don’t have to be concerned about your message reaching individuals who don’t know who you are.

5. Make Event Pages for Upcoming Performances

You can do the same thing on Facebook, but many musicians offer a tour schedule or an events calendar on their website. Make event pages for your upcoming performances on Facebook so that your events can be advertised to your page’s followers.

Don’t worry if the place where you’re performing already has a page for events. Link to and advertise the venue’s page on your event page. This is crucial in situations where the venue capacity may be constrained and your supporters must purchase tickets in advance. Just make sure your event page description includes the crucial information up front so nobody gets lost.

6. Upload and promote behind-the-scenes videos.

Being so casual is one of the main advantages of utilising Facebook over many other networks. Making behind-the-scenes recordings of your performances, studio sessions, or even just practise sessions and posting them as brand-new videos on Facebook is one way to promote this. They’ll receive the same treatment as your more polished videos, and you’ll have a terrific chance to connect with your audience. Even though it’s only Facebook, those informal videos give your followers the impression that they are a special part of something.

7. Join Music-Related Groups and Post Your Video There

Facebook groups may be populated with followers or content creators who share your interests, all of whom can be very helpful in advancing your career. You can promote your videos there by joining some groups with music lovers. You can also join bands and aid in cross-promotion of one another’s work.

We published a guide on using groups to expand and advertise Facebook pages a while back. You can still utilise this advice even if the article is more than a year old because little has actually changed regarding how Facebook groups operate. You should definitely try it out because it’s a unique form of promotion that few people will use.

8. Inspire sharing among bandmates, friends, family, producers, etc.

Involvement with the post is one of the most crucial indicators for increasing circulation on Facebook, thus it’s crucial that as much engagement occurs as soon as the video is released.

This implies that, when you submit your video, you should try to get as many people to like, share, and comment on it as you can in order to get the most out of it. This entails posting it during a time of day when these individuals are active and encouraging them to act.

Get the members of your band to share it, along with your friends, family, and everyone else who was involved in the production. Then, profit from the publicity that results from all of those shares.

9. Avoid Repeating Video Posts

One error I frequently observe bands making is posting the exact same video in multiple posts anytime they wish to re-share or re-promote an old music video. Some bands have even posted their newest video three or four times in the same week, in my experience. A lot of divided interaction and lower metrics for each individual video are the only results of this.

When you want that video to get more exposure, it is significantly more advantageous to share the older post or include a link to it in a new non-video post. To promote all of your music videos, you may also link to the type of playlist Facebook creates for them in their video system.

10. Include a file with lyrics in video captions

Have you ever disagreed with someone over a song’s correct lyrics? Do you anticipate any disagreements regarding yours? Do you wish to increase the hearing-impaired viewership of your videos? All of this is possible by adding captions to your movie. You can create the file yourself if you want accuracy and are familiar with the lyrics of your song.

You must wait for the file to fully upload once you upload your video. Once it is prepared for posting, select the option to modify the video and upload an SRT file.

Your subtitles file is an SRT file, which also contains any captions for the video’s lyrics and other captionable speech. Don’t worry; creating an SRT file is simple.

11. Collaborate with producers to create and publicise fresh videos

Small bands frequently merely create their own music videos or enlist the aid of a friend. You might, however, occasionally catch the eye of a more experienced producer. A producer can aid in the promotion of a video even if they are still only a local brand. You can ask them to aid in Facebook video promotion when they contribute to a video’s creation.

This increases their following and generates the extra engagement needed to spread your content to a wider audience. even acquire some new fans!

12. Only publish on Facebook, or Initially

It can be tempting to simultaneously publish your movie on all the different websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and any other specialised small-scale websites you may use.

Unfortunately, this implies that you are losing out on Facebook’s potential value. My suggestion is to make it known that new videos and other stuff will be posted to Facebook a week or two before it appears elsewhere. In this manner, you may direct all of your first engagement on Facebook and maximise its benefits.

13. React to incoming interactions

One of the most crucial Facebook indicators is engagement. There isn’t much you can do, though, when someone likes or shares your video. But you can intervene when they make a remark. Depending on the comment, react using either your personal account or the band account. Thank users for their feedback and respond to inquiries regarding your band, tour, video, etc. Even if the information you’re sharing is easily found elsewhere, leaving a comment response accomplishes two goals. First off, it motivates others to post their own comments. Second, it demonstrates that you’re not only utilising the website as a billboard but are also willing to interact with your fans.

14. Promote Events Using Ads

Along with videos and standard postings, you can promote events by running advertising through the Facebook ad system. I advise you to use this whenever you wish to publicise a low-key event. If you’re marketing a concert at a location that might be running its own advertisements, just be careful not to cannibalise the crowd or an advertisement. You can be increasing expenditures for both of you and receiving less value overall by targeting the same ad spot. However, if you can connect with many audiences, go for it.

In the end, promoting a new music video—or, really, anything about your band—isn’t all that different from promoting any other type of content. Regarding the type of information you’re posting, you have a few limitations and obstacles as well as some advantages. Actually, it’s a wash.

However, if any of my readers are in bands and you’re seeking to promote a new video, share it in the comments section! I enjoy listening to new music and viewing the activities my fans engage in.


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