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One of the factors you must know about the printing shop near me is it’s a prior necessity in every sector. In fact, the printing service is a major contributor to the United Kingdom economy. Whether it’s a personal requirement or professional need, from advertising, marketing, campaign, apparel to stationery items, the use of printing solutions is evident everywhere. 

When the printing machine was first invented, it was widely used for academic purposes. Over time, with the continuous development in science and technology, versatile printing methods have been introduced. And, the book printing industry is no exception in embracing revolutionary methods. With the help of digital publishing, books are now available in e-book format. There are diverse online platforms where a great number of books are available. 

The book printing industry has great potential in the UK. If you are interested to learn more about this industry, keep reading this article to learn some amazing facts. 

Overview – Book Publishing Industry UK


The printing industry is a large manufacturing sector in the United Kingdom. From graphic designing, printing, and packaging, the entire product presentation and promotion depend on the printing solution. You will be amazed to know the market size of the printing service is 6 billion euro. 

Among thousands of printing companies, there are more than two thousand companies involved in book publishing. The specific sector is involved in publishing books, maps in audio and electronic form, leaflets, and so on. In addition to publishing textbooks, novels, children’s books, academic books, statistical reports, pamphlets, brochures, e-books, and audiobooks, the book publishing companies also trade fiction, non-fiction books, professional books, academic books, children texts, school books, and so on. 

With the growing demand in the publishing sector, the book publishing sector is expected to grow about 0.1% annually by 2021. Moreover, due to digitization will also encourage writers to publish their own novels on electronic platforms. Compared to actual book publishing, making the books and novels available on electronic platforms will also reduce the publishing cost. 

It’s cost not only effective but also easily accessible to the readers worldwide. These days a large number of books are available on the popular platform Amazon. As people can now read books on their smartphones, e-book readers, the demand is rapidly increasing in the electronic market. 

From the current scenario, it gives an insight that the book printing industry will have another revolution and outstanding revenue from online sales. Moreover, the writers will be able to publish their books at a low rate and sell their books in any part of the world easily. Hence, the publishing sector will also expand in providing online services. Thus, more platforms will emerge besides amazon, and the UK economy might have another boost through online trades.

Popular Companies in the Book Publishing Industry in the Uk

Without a doubt, the demand for book publishing has resulted in growing book publishing companies in the UK. There are thousands of companies providing service online and offline. Among them, here are the popular companies that are providing convenient service to the clients and have become trustworthy over a short period of time. 

Ex Why Zed

Ex Why Zed offers a client-oriented service where you can get book printing with hardback, booklet, leaflet printing, and so on. Their team of experts has knowledge and experience of updated printing technology. Hence, you just have to convey your ideas to them, and their expert service will meet your requirements. 

Moreover, you can choose the printing style and the printing papers. In fact, they are ready to send you samples from where you can choose the one that matches your content. Furthermore, to ensure the highest quality printing, they have the most advanced resources. Here, they use the Heidelberg litho press and HP Indigo digital press. Their resource and expert team have made this company one of the leading book printing companies in the UK. 


If you are looking for a printing service in Bristol, Arkbound is here to give you reliable service. There are many potential authors who don’t get support from promising publishing companies to publish their writings. For them, Arkbound is here to sponsor such talented writers. 

The aim of publishing the work of new writers is to serve in community development, sustainability and give them social recognition. Considering this factor, this printing company is also providing budget-friendly services in terms of proofreading, design, format, review, and so on. Moreover, the writers can also get promotional services at a reasonable price. 

If you publish your work through Arkbound, you can also access their regional editor network. They work to publish content in offline magazines. From graphic design to book printing, Arkbound is a one-stop printing service for the writer’s community.  

ShieldCrest Publishing

SheildCrest Publishing is one of the experienced book publishing companies in the UK. with more than 12 years of experience; they have gained popularity and trust in the printing industry. They publish all types of book genres, including novels, children’s books, stories, fiction, non-fiction, biography, controversial issues, and so on. 

It doesn’t matter what the content is or who the writer is. If they like the manuscripts, they will get them published. Though they have an office in Boston, you can also access them online. Just visiting their website, you can see several publishing options. From there, you can send a digital copy of your manuscript. You can also fill out their contact form through the website to drop the hard copy of your manuscript as well. 

Final Verdict 

To sum up, a major part of the UK economy depends on the printing service. With the progression in technology and influence of printing solutions in versatile sectors secured a new milestone in the printing industry. And, the book printing service is progressing simultaneously. 

Thousands of book printing companies are coming forward to make online platforms available for publishing books, novels, fiction, non-fiction, social issues, and many more. While making the books available worldwide, the printing companies are able to publish cost-effective books. More importantly, emerging writers are also coming forward to self-publish their books at reasonable prices. 

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