Buddha Statue as an element of home décor

Your peaceful adobe should be a reflection of your values and beliefs. A Buddha is a pure representation of tranquility and calmness in all of its manifestations. As a result, having the Buddha in your home will assist you in maintaining a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere as we’ve all seen Buddha sculptures that can be used in a variety of settings, such as magnificent homes. Placing the Buddha Statue For Home Decor in various locations throughout your home can have an impact on your mental health and sense of tranquility as well as it adds on to be a great piece of home decor. This is because our living environment has a direct impact on our sense of stability and well-being.

Buddha statue for home decoration:

There has never been a time when Buddha statues were more popular, with people of all ages purchasing them for their homes and gardens. Some people purchase them only for ornamental purposes, while others do it to improve the Feng Shui of their house or to create a tranquil space for meditation.

The collection of statues represents not just the many distinct physical Buddhas but also the Buddhist teachings of inner peace and protection, as well as thepractice of meditation and mindfulness. Buddhas can be seen in a variety of poses, from cheerful smiling Buddhas, to somber Buddhas, and even simply the Buddha head.

When it comes to picking a place for your Buddha, there are a few things to follow:

  1. The space in which you set your Buddha statue should be kept free of clutter and debris.
  2. The Buddha should be placed such that it faces the house to bring abundance into your household.
  3. A Buddha statue should never be placed in a bathroom, kitchen, or toilet since these places are unhygienic.
  4. Try to position the Buddha so that it faces east, toward the sunrise.
  5. It’s best to keep Buddha sculptures away from electrical or mechanically moving devices like TVs, laptops, and so forth.
  6. You may meditate and protect yourself by putting your Buddha statue in the yard.
  7. Avoid putting your Buddha statue on the ground immediately.
  8. Place the Buddha in the center of the room at home. If the Buddha is used as a kind of protection, place him in front of the door facing the incoming visitors.
  9. If you’re looking to improve your work atmosphere, Buddha sculptures can help. The Buddha can be placed on a desk, as long as the space is maintained, clean and orderly.

Which Bodhisattva statue should I select?

Here’s a brief explanation of the many Buddha’s meanings:

  1. Buddha in Meditation: The Buddha sits in the Lotus posture with both hands on his lap. His face up and his eyes closed, in the Lotus position.
  2. Buddha of Protection: The Buddha may be seated or standing with his right hand outstretched in protection.
  3. Happy Buddha: Usually represented seated and smiling with a rounded belly and hairless head, the Happy Buddha is also known as the Golden Buddha. Some believe that rubbing the Buddha’s belly will bring good fortune.
  4. The Reclining Buddha (also known as the Nirvana Buddha): This is supposed to symbolize the dying Buddha. Who is laying on his right side, awaiting the moment when he will attain Nirvana.
  5. Earth Touching Buddha: Thailand’s most famous Buddha is the Earth Touching Buddha. Who may be found sitting with his left hand on his lap and his right hand pointing to the ground almost every time there.
  6. Standing Buddha: With one foot put in front of the other and the robe adjusted to one side. It depicts the Buddha standing and appears to be moving. This pose denotes an inner state of calm and elegance. The Buddha is frequently shown as either embarking on his journey to teach or returning from heaven after delivering a speech in various locations.
  7. Medicine Buddha: It is widely believed that a medicine buddha mantra is a great tool for curing bodily ailments and purifying karma.


Whether for religious or decorative purposes, a buddha statue may be found in virtually every home these days. There are several various positions of Lord Buddha, each of which represents a particular virtue in life.

What you should be thinking about is which one you should acquire for yourself. An additional factor to consider is where you place the statues. Since Feng Shui believes that placing them in the incorrect location might bring you bad luck. But ultimately it’s your choice, which statue you’d like to choose from. But be aware of their position. You can buy these amazing home decor items from Growing India to get the wholesale price.


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