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Common myth about Glaucoma – Eye care Expert

What exactly is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition that when not promptly treated, can lead to blindness. A lot of people don’t exhibit any signs or symptoms in the initial stage of the disease and are not aware of the progress of the condition.

A rise in intraocular pressure may alters the optic nerve, leading to the damage of the optic nerve and altering the eye’s vision and can also lead to blindness.

Healthy life style is key to avoid and control the health issues If you’re suffering from health problems  such as hypertension that is not controlled, diabetes that is uncontrolled the chance of developing of vision loss increases, leading to irreparable damage to your eyes. The majority of the time , due to ignorance of vision loss is not diagnosed and the disease gets worse as we age, causing severe complications.

The most common symptoms of vision loss include –

  1. Pain in eyes
  2. Eyes are red
  3. Vision blurred
  4. Halos

What are the most common myths about this disease?

Myths-1: Vision loss can be attributed to age and affects only the elderly

It’s not the case. Even though people who are older or over 60 have a higher the risk of developing glaucoma. Human being  those suffering from hypertension or diabetes that is not managed are also at chance of developing glaucoma, it’s also true that vision loss can affect anyone of any age. It also can affect newborns. Therefore, it is essential to schedule an eye exam done regularly to ensure you receive the early detection and appropriate glaucoma treatment even if there are no indications of developing glaucoma.


If you have signs, then you are suffering from Glaucoma It’s not the case. There are people who don’t show any symptoms in the beginning stages of the disease. Several times patient start experience symptoms as the disease becomes more severe. Certain people experience minor or no symptoms in the initial stages, which aren’t a problem and then go away with no treatment.

Incase you’re over 60 and at risk of developing the condition known as glaucoma. Eyes that are blurred, red eyes, pain are among the most frequent symptoms. These symptoms are associated with the condition known as glaucoma.


Surgery could also be the only way to completely treat glaucoma Both of these assertions are not correct. There are numerous non-surgical options also utilized to treat the condition of this disease. Medicated eye drops, or oral tablets are good non surgical options to control intraocular pressure.

Laser therapy is efficient however, it’s dependent on the chance of the patient whether or not they will be able to benefit from it. If the patient does not show improvement following the above treatments then surgery is the best option.

Surgery, however, can only address some of the signs and symptoms associated with vision loss, and therefore stop the progress of the condition. But surgery alone will not completely cure the condition.

Myth-4 Glaucoma has only one kind

There are two kinds of glaucoma: open-angle or angle closure glaucoma. Glaucoma that is open-angle develops slowly throughout life. Glaucoma is symptomatic in later stages, is being diagnosed recently, and causes damages to the optic nerve eventually leading to vision loss.

But, angle-closure glaucoma affects the optic nerve, giving way to vision loss. The condition can be sudden, however, in some individuals, it can happen slowly too.

Myth-5  The test is difficult
The testing for glaucoma is an easy process. Common used  test for this disease are measurement of eye pressure, and checking of optic nerve damage   These procedures are completely easy, and no method for examination for this disease is uncomfortable.


As a final point for identifying vision loss early, regular eye exams are the key to success. In addition, those who are susceptible to developing glaucoma need to undergo an extensive examinations to determine if they have vision loss symptoms.

Glaucoma-related loss of vision is the most frequent cause. Periodic eye exams are recommended to protect against damage and complications.

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