Create a strong and professional bond with amazing corporate gifts this Diwali

Festivals are essential for every culture, and for Indians, it takes on a special meaning. These religious occasions are not only for spending quality time without family and friends but also for expressing gratitude and loyalty to employees and clients. In India, the tradition of gift-giving has gone on for a long time, and with the increased market size and transformation of the corporate world, the customs have also taken up new forms. Nowadays, every organization or company, no matter their employee size, invests in buying corporate gifts. Diwali is known to be India’s biggest festival, and on this occasion, corporate gifts are a necessity to spread the festive cheer among your employees.

Where to shop for Diwali corporate gifts?

There are many reasons why an employer would like to invest in Diwali Corporate Gifts; among the main ones are the promotion of harmony and unity and showing appreciation for colleagues and clients. Diwali gifts have a unique emotion associated with them, and they are not like any other random gift that we spend on. It is the festival of lights, and the celebration of good over evil, so it has deep religious connotations. To maintain long-term and healthy relationships in the workspace; every corporate should seek out appropriate Diwali Gifts for this occasion. There is no better place to order online Diwali corporate gifts than OyeGifts, one of the most trustworthy online gift portals out there.

OyeGifts has come up with new Diwali gift collections at extremely affordable prices, including their Diwali corporate range. Their gift hampers and Diwali baskets are made with love and care and are adept at capturing the essence of this holy celebration. The discounts and coupons are an added advantage.

What to choose for online Diwali corporate gifts?

Online gift stores will have the widest variety of corporate gifts; which are appreciated by associates, employees as well as clients. These are some of the most popular choices for Diwali corporate gifts-

Diwali radiance with traditional mithais

People have a special place in their hearts for sweets, and traditional mithais are an inescapable part of Diwali celebrations. Sweets are a great way to express gratitude and affection for the special people in our lives. Traditional mithais make us happy, and the Diwali celebrations must have Kaju katlis, motichoor laddoos, besan laddoos and many more involved in it. There is no better way to express the joys of Diwali than buying a delicious box of assorted sweets, and there are many varieties to choose from too. The distribution of sweets is a simple act of life and affection that will mean a lot to your employees.

Delicious Diwali hampers with dry fruits and snacks.

diwali gifts

There is a lot of significance associated with a basket of dry fruits when it comes to Diwali. It is one of the most popular gifts for this occasion and makes for a perfect corporate Diwali present. Dry fruits have a lot of benefits for your health, and people believe that dry fruits like cashews, raisins and pistachios do a great job of keeping heart diseases away. The assortment of different dry fruits makes a healthy alternative to the spicy snacks often preferred by Indians.

Yummy sweets with chocolates

sweets with chocolates

No one can deny the importance of traditional Indian mithais for occasions like Diwali, but chocolates have made their place in Diwali gift hampers too. For corporate gifts, it is customary to include delicious chocolates with sweets such as laddoos and Kaju katlis. The popularity of Cadbury is a testament to Indian’s fondness of chocolate, and even research has proven the health benefits of dark chocolate for the heart. It is a great idea to include a bunch of Dairy Milk Silks or delicious dark chocolates along with the traditional dry fruits or mithais this Diwali. You can also opt for delicious truffles for your employees this season.

Lucky Diwali Gifts with plants

Plants Gifts

Indoor plants are not only good for the environment but also bring us luck! People tend to believe that bamboo plants are lucky for us, and recently the trend for gifting lucky plants has been increasing. In addition to dry fruits and mithais, employers can also include bamboo plants for luck and prosperity for their employees. There are many Diwali combos available online with lucky bamboo shoots and dry fruits as a gift hamper.

Festive Floral Gifts

Diwali is the festival of light, and what better way to express a fondness for colours than gifting fresh blooms? Everyone celebrates this festival with fervour across the country, and there is an age-old connection between flowers and any kind of religious celebration. So, this Diwali, surprise your employees with a fresh floral bouquet; consisting of lilies and orchids to add a little something to the traditional Diwali hampers. Reliable online shops should be chosen first to ensure speedy delivery.

Miniature Laxmi Ganesha

Diwali is not just about firecrackers and sweets, it is also a religious celebration of good over evil. So, it is a common practice to give decorative idols of gods and goddesses for the occasion of Diwali. Along with the best wishes of Diwali, it is great to send along idols of Ganesha and Laxmi for luck and prosperity.

Take this opportunity to show how much you care about your workplace by sending out the greatest for Diwali corporate gifts out there!

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