EMI Calculator for Personal Loans

A personal loan is a short-term loan that you can use to address your current needs. Personal Loans are a safe avenue for obtaining finances. Tek önceliğiniz olması gereken şey istanbul escort kadınlara ulaşarak kolayca randevu alabilmek. However, personal loans have higher interest rates than home or auto loans because they are unsecured loans. Hence, you should be well-informed about your finances ahead of time.

You may calculate your future EMIs using the Personal Loan EMI Calculator. This article will guide you in planning your future finances and making sensible decisions.

Personal Loan EMI Calculation Formula

The following is the mathematical formula for calculating EMI:

EMI = P × r × (1 + r) n/ ((1 + r) n – 1)

Where, P = Loan amount, r = the personal loan interest rate, and n = tenure in months. P is the amount of the principal loan;

For example, if you borrow Rs 5,00,000 from a bank at a rate of 14% for 5 years, you will pay Rs 27,500 as your monthly EMI

Personal Loan EMI Calculator Features

Repayment Table: The repayment table provides information about your loan repayment. It enables you to calculate how much you will have to spend each month and organize your expenses accordingly.

The following are the components of a repayment table:

  •    Principal Payment: The part of your monthly payment devoted to the loan principal is referred to as principal paid. As the loan matures, this share will increase each month.
  •    Interest Paid: The amount of your monthly payment that is used to pay personal loan interest. As the loan matures, this part will decrease month by month.
  •    Total Amount Due: The total amount of principal and interest that has been paid.
  •    Currently outstanding loan balance: The principal amount owed to the bank at the end of every given term is represented by the ending balance of that period.

The repayment table shows data for each year and month. As a result, you can examine the details for each month and the annual data as a whole.

What Factors Affect Your EMI calculation on a Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

  •    Loan Amount: The larger the loan, the more the EMI would be. The lender determines the maximum loan amount you can get based on your repayment capacity, relationship with the bank, and other variables.
  •    Rate of Interest: Your personal loan interest rate is directly proportional to the EMI in this scenario. The EMI increases as the interest rate rises. The interest rate on your loan will be determined by the bank depending on several factors such as your income, credit history, repayment capacity, and so on.
  •    Loan Length: The EMI is inversely proportional to the loan tenure you choose. The EMI is lower the longer the term. However, if you borrow for a more extended period, you may end up paying more in personal loan interest. The loan duration options commonly range from 12 to 84 months.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Personal Loan EMI Calculator for a Personal Loan?

Some of the advantages of using a personal loan EMI calculator are listed below.

  • Examine the following loans:

    Enter a fixed loan amount and term, then adjust the interest rate and processing charge based on the bank’s current rates. That will offer you a comprehensive picture of the actual cost of your loan, and you can choose your loan product based on that.

  • Time is saved:

    When using a calculator, calculating EMI takes less than a minute. Furthermore, EMI calculators are exceedingly simple to use and completely accurate.

  • Select the length of time you want your loan to last:

    Compare loan tenures and EMIs to determine which is best for your financial situation. Choose a shorter term if you are willing to pay a higher EMI and want to pay off your loan sooner. But, of course, you can always choose a longer-term if that isn’t an option.

  • Examine your repayment plan:

    The personal loan EMI calculator also shows you a detailed breakdown of your repayment timeline. That way, you’ll know how much interest you’ll have to pay and how much principal you’ll have to pay.

  • Check the EMI information:

    Using an EMI calculator, you may verify your repayment plan as provided by the bank. Aside from that, you can use a calculator to figure out the processing cost and personal loan interest you’ll have to pay upfront (usually deducted from the sanctioned amount).


In conclusion, The EMI Calculator is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use application. All you have to do is enter your desired loan amount, interest rate, processing fee, and the repayment period. Then, to calculate your EMI, click “Calculate”. It is critical to determine your monthly installment in advance so that you may better manage your budget.

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