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Are you bored with the monotonous looks and searching for a change in style according fashion ? 

Our heart always craves Sabyasachi or Manish Malhotra but not everyone can afford such high prices. It’s perfectly fine to find an alternative fashionable fabric to add a little glamor to our modern lifestyle. But it might be difficult to find a place where you can have a glam up in your pocket along with reasonable prices.

In order to stay updated in the fashion world, you require a closet full of designer clothes, and maintaining a classy lifestyle may cost a fortune. It is not necessary to have branded clothes, bags, or other belongings to stay with the latest trends.

Lately, Jennifer Lopez, Kourtney Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and many more actors and actresses are found wearing a trendy yet simple tie-and-dye outfits. Mainly trends are made by celebrities. But if you have the style you can create your own patent look and be a role model to others.      

In this rapidly changing world many fashion trends fade away and many replace them every other day. It is hard to keep up with everyday changing trends.

Are you still not sure where and which fabric to buy?     

No worries, you don’t need to go far away. Fabriclore, one of the fastest-growing Fabric Manufacturer, provides its customers with high-quality products. It is a place where you can delve into the depths of fabrics and at the same time customize your own designs. A place where the culture meets the textile industry and something new and unique is created. You can get the wholesale fabric as well as on retail. 

There are many fabrics that will help you look different from others like, embroidered mirror work on georgette fabric, tie and dye on corduroy and rayon fabric, digital prints available on any material you want in various designs, and many more. 


It is one of the finest art forms done with the help of a needle. Mirror work embroidery is especially famous in bridal or festive wear. It is suitable for both day and night events and it can be worn throughout the year. Along with the grace, it gives a touch of glam to every outfit. 

As the culture flows overseas, so does the trend. Along with India western countries like the UK, USA, and Canada are also enthusiastic about wearing embroidered work fabrics. This fabric can be worn by both genders. There is a vast collection of patterns on different fabrics. Although embroidery holds a traditional touch, its specialty is that even on western clothes it looks fabulous. It is also color resistant and easy to wash. 


Tie and Dye 

Although tying and dying cloth is an old way to add colors to the fabric. But recently there has been a boom in the fashion industry. Tie and dye tops, jumpsuits, t-shirts, and many other things are available for both genders. Almost every celebrity loves this pattern, although they wear branded tie-and-dye clothes.

But when you can have an alternative fabric with the same style, then why run after expensive brands? 

Fabriclore provides you with numerous options of tie and dye. It gives a soothing look, especially in summer colors popping out with the beauty of nature. You can customize your own designs with our assistance and have a fashionable fabric. Because it is never too late to be in fashion trends.  

Digital Print                                                                                          

Carrying heavy accessories every time in order to look different is not always possible. But styling yourself with minimal things is a good choice, you can always go for a printed scarf or printed shirts or tops according to the weather. 

Currently, leaf prints on shirts and t-shirts are trendy, as it gives you a cool summer vibe. But the world of printing on fabrics doesn’t end here, there is a lot more like printed multi-utility bags, Cotton Fabric cover diaries, laptop sleeves, creature pouches, and many more items. 

These small accessories add a twist to your outfit and you can carry them in your workplace and with casual wear.

For more information visit our website and explore more about trendy fabrics. We value your choice and update ourselves with the latest trends.  

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