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Explainer Video Guide for New Business

If you’re researching or looking at a new product that you’ve recently heard of and haven’t heard of before, there may be an explainer video is the best media for your business.

Most companies have a lot of information about their services available to you once you visit their websites, but one of the most popular ways to convey this information to potential customers is through explainer videos.

What is Explainer Video?

The definition of an explainer video is a short video usually used for marketing or sales purposes that highlights a company’s products, services or business ideas in an attractive and efficient way.

Most businesses feature explainer videos on their landing pages or feature them on their website homepages.

Some even use these videos to advertise their products or services on Facebook or other social media sites.

Characteristics of a Good and Quality Explainer Video

Almost every good explainer video has five things in common.

#1. Short duration

Explainer videos are usually less than three minutes long, but the best ones are often shorter, between one and two minutes.

#2. Powerful Call-To-Action (CTA)

Explainer videos should state clearly what they want viewers to do after watching.

#3. Focus on problem solving

Explainer videos focus on tackling a specific problem, explaining their product or service, and answering why they are the solution.

#4. Suitable for audience

Explainer videos are best when their style and tone match the brand, as well as the customers they want to reach.

#5. High quality (HD)

Explainer videos must be of high quality, in both production quality and content quality, to effectively communicate a brand’s value proposition.

So what are the best explainer videos that can keep them short, high quality, powerful calls to action, and easy to understand solutions? They all follow a similar structure.

What: What’s the problem with the audience?
How: How will your product or service improve it?
Why: Why should viewers vote for you?
Often, explainer videos get stuck on the what and how, and forget to focus on the why. They are good at explaining a product or service, but are not effective at communicating the company’s basic goals.

To effectively communicate why, your company needs to understand who their target audience is through a video marketing strategy and present a strong underlying mission statement that uniquely connects with the intended audience.

How To Choose An Explainer Video Company

Choosing an explainer video company is a tactic way to get your best videos that meet your company’s standart.

Remember, an effective explainer video is what suits your company and its customer persona as well as capable of delivering your message to them. To choose the best video production company, ask this question: “can they bring your brilliant idea to life and present it to the market in an extraordinary manner?”

If the animation studios of your choice already meet those criteria above, I am pretty sure that their design works will satisfy you and increase your sales. If you already know a production house that you trust, contact them immediately to see what they’ve got to offer.

Learn how do you go through an explainer video project by looking at this infographic:

How to Choose Animated Explainer Video Production Companies
Courtesy of: Breadnbeyond

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