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Facts About Trees Your Probably Did Not Know

Do you love to be around trees and are interested in learning more about them? We are Catch Foundation, an NGO for tree plantation and having owned & planted various trees. Below, we share 14 interesting facts about trees we bet you did not know.

So without further adieu, let’s get started!

1) Oldest and toxic trees

This is one of the most stunning facts about trees. The age of the oldest tree is 5000 years & still standing firm, and there is one so toxic that you can’t even stand under it as it can harm you.

2) Trees around the globe

According to a study done by botanical gardens conservation international, our world has around 60,000 species of tree & 300 of them are on the verge of extinction.

3) Rainbow shade tree

A tree is the rainbow eucalyptus whose barks have blue, maroon, and orange colors. These colors produce a “Rainbow” effect when combined with sunlight. This tree can be seen in places like New Britain, Sulawesi & more.

4) Respiration vs Photosynthesis

Humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, while trees do precisely the opposite. Therefore, trees utilize carbon dioxide in the air to produce both oxygen & sugar during photosynthesis.

5) One of the most poisonous tree

There is a tree known as the ” Manchineel tree”, which is amongst the most poisonous trees in the world. There isn’t even a single part of the tree that isn’t toxic & is known to poison water through their leaves.

6) They have feelings

Trees are known to respond to external factors based on their epidermis by using their sensory systems. For example, according to a recent study, trees straighten themselves to reduce and release stress.

7) They work as a sound barrier

Trees are known to reduce sound waves, which is because they use their leaves and branches to scatter or absorb the sound waves & in masking the unwanted noise.

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8) They can communicate

Trees can send danger signals to their neighboring trees by using volatile organic compounds present in the atmosphere.

9) Tree hotel

There is a tree hotel in Sweden whose rooms are made up of trees to provide the visitors with the luxury of living in nature.

10) Fungi Establishing the network of tree

There is a sophisticated network underground through which plants share their nutrients. Fungi do the job of moving water, carbon & other required nutrients through this system, depending on their requirements.

11) Rings of the tree can provide various information

According to a report made by Nasa, the rings of a tree reveal their age and give an idea about the climate change in the past, like temperature & rain.

12) Moon trees

One astronaut took seeds of some trees with him to the moon, and on his return, these seeds were germinated & were known as moon trees.

13)  A man who started the entire forest

Jadav Molai Payeng started planting trees when he was about 16 years old on a barren sandbar. After 30 years, he lives in a forest known as the Molai forest, approximately around 1360 acres. Animals like tigers, rhinoceros & deers are known to inhabit it.

14) Baby grave trees

This is the final one & the most exciting facts about trees. There is an island known as Tana Toraja, where if babies die before their teeth appear, Their bodies are placed in a tree after drilling a massive hole, after which the tree regrows around the baby.

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