Fastival Maxi Dress

Bohemian girls combine function and fashion as well as are tremendously earth conscious. Distressed rayon stonewashed maxi dress in medieval renaissance styles paired with comfortable sneakers or go for the recycled sari gypsy skirts, the 90 s fashion is here to stay. Customize an outfit inspired by the free spirited bohemian fashion: a coloured panelled mini skirt, tank top, and high-tops in vivid oranges in yellows, spring boho chic is in the air!!!

Kaftan Maxi Dress

When in doubt, a kaftan maxi dress is an easy choice, its soft roomy silhouette gives you plenty of room to dance while caressing you’re curves. Go for the shorter kaftans and show off you’re legs, style with classic black Vans, large gold hoops and mala beads. From gorgeos floral blossoming prints to paisleys and tribal designs. The festivals are all for the wild and untamed bohemian fashionista.Be bold and breezy in a printed sari gypsy maxi skirt, relaxed tube top, and rugged ankle boots.

Boho Maxi Dress

Cotton tunics are a must for a music festival,a boxy, embroidered top paired with mom-style jeans looks cool and feels casually chic. The longer tunics with side slits belted at the waist and wear with denim shorts. The classic festival boho style shows off in a plain knotted T-shirt with a tribal inspired patchwork skirt, topped with a fedora-style hat. A statement necklace, be it beads or chunky cuffs give the finishing touches.

Chiffon Maxi Dress

Bright and bold printed skirts brighten up the festival teamed with studded combat boots. My favorite easy festival wear are the wrap skirts. I has a closet full of them but they become festival chic by dressing up with a chunky western belt! Simple and comfortable, and its an easy chic outfit to dance under the stars to Miley Cyrus!

The hi low skirts with asymmetric hem paired with a tank and cowboy boots gives me the eclectic street chic look. The skirt trails in the back and flares as I dance, flowing with my moods. I love the feel of silk against my legs and since its made from recycled saris their is no chance of finding another one like it. Flowing kimonos and embellished kaftans fill the festival atmosphere with their beautiful colours.

Cotton Maxi Dress

Crinkled cotton embroidered kaftans Maxi Dress or the Gorgeous printed kaftans with rhinestones make me feel like an ethereal goddess. Rows of malas in turquoise and Lapiz Lazuli sway with me while me dance filling me with beautiful love. Experience the love of music in bohemian fashionista style!

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Aligning the five elements of earth. Water, air, fire and space date make up our body with the universe is done with the corresponding directions. The northwest is the air element, which effects relationships and communication. When the element is balanced you experience harmony.


The air element effects the nervous system and the mind. If this zone is blocked in the body, you could suffer insomnia and depression. Sheer light Blue blue curtains on the windows and a beautiful turquoise beaded sari tapestry make a beautiful backdrop. Welcoming guests in an abundance of love.

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