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Mobile environment

Again, start by installing the Nimbuzz app on your phone, introduce the login info that you have received in the previous step and get acquainted with various online media like Facebook or Google. Include the details from your account (password and username) and do the same to all services. As it was mentioned before, there are a number of techniques that people can use in order to sign in on Nimbuzz. If you want to find the perfect one, you have to start testing them.

Once you have understood how signing up on Nimbuzz works, you will need to know some standard ways in which you can access your account. Unfortunately you won’t manage to benefit from the messaging service (only with the Nimbuzz PC app) but you will still be able to call users with the help of NimbuzzOut.

Sign In

Signing in is just as easy. Go to the official Nimbuzz page, insert the username and password, press enter and get on your profile. In addition to this you can also get into your account from mobile. This is a great option offered by WAP services. Once again, this feature will not allow you the chance to enjoy chatting but you will definitely be able to make calls through the premium services. At the beginning login on Nimbuzz through your WAP account. Afterwards use the national/international calling option (you can choose between computer and mobile).

Nimbuzz Sign In-features

It was mentioned at the beginning of the article that this tool brings a lot of flexibility to other users and city break. The internet connection will suffice in accessing all the right features without paying extra.

  1. Among the best features you will meet the possibility to connect everywhere you go. You can stay connected to friends, chat and share news and files.
  2. Free calls. You will be able to call any user on Nimbuzz without paying extra fees.
  3. Groups and chat rooms. You can create your own chat room and invite people in.
  4. Games. A lot of free and exciting games wait for you online.
  5. Social. You will be able to personalize your profile, send messages and enjoy the unlimited socializing perspectives.

Premium services

Premium services have also been introduced recently. What you need to do is put some money in your account and call internationally (mobile and land-line) at the lowest prices. This way you can reduce the phone bills with up to 95%, you have access from everywhere and you can utilize these features right from your mobile.

Remember that in order to take advantage of NimbuzzOut you have to follow the first steps and have a great Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G etc.). You really can’t say no to an application that combines all the right things into one.


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