Firearms Courses in Toronto

In Toronto, we train individuals on the security and management of the use of Firearms. There are mainly two firearm courses in Toronto which are:

  • Canadian Firearms Safety Course(CFSC) Non-Restricted Firearms
  • Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course(CRFSC) Restricted Firearms

These firearms courses in Toronto are available for civilians, and one must clear both the exams CFSC and CRFSC with 80% marks. For both the classes, we provide both the courses to the individuals. And after the completion of the course, on the same day, you can take exams.

If you are searching to start competitive or sport shooting, poaching, begin a gun collection or chase a private security guard or law enforcement career. We are here to give you secure, productive command and training to provide every student with the knowledge, expertise, and legal apprehension necessary for liable firearms proprietorship and keeping the public safe and secure.

For the people who want to apply for a Possession And Acquisition license (PAL), both CFSC and CRFSC courses and their evaluation is necessary.

1.Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) in Toronto will permit you to apply for your Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). It will provide you with the gun safety knowledge necessary for Non-Restricted firearms such as rifles and shotguns.

The Canadian Firearms Safety course in Toronto (CFSC) is a one-day course. In 1-day duration, a validated trainer will give us theoretical and practical guidelines(in this, no real shooting is there) and then examine you based on your knowledge and ability you learned.

If, in the end, the test will be successful, then you are all set to put forward your application for your PAL Licence. Semi-automatic center fire long guns also come under the Non-restricted.

2.Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

The other course, the Canadian Restricted Firearms safety course (CRFSC), supplies you to procure and preserve restricted Firearms like Handguns. For getting your whole My PAL, you need to Upgrade your CFSC to RPAL(CRFSC). Also, you can book both the courses CFSC and CRFSC in advance. You are at liberty to take both the courses, i.e Canadian Firearms Safety Courses in Toronto and Canadian Restricted Firearms safety courses in Toronto consecutively or outspread based on attainability.

Enhancing CFSC to RPAL(CRFSC) is just a one-day course. At the course duration, our validated trainer will provide you with theoretical and practical guidelines in which no real shooting video is there. After that, they will regulate the test. Therefore, at last, if you are fortunate enough, you are ready to submit your application for the PAL license with the reformation from the restricted to the RCMP.

If you clear your CFSC course and your CRFSC course, you will get a email as evidence. After that, you can easily send your PAL/RPAL application to the RCMP for transformation.

Firearm courses in Toronto (CFSC and CRFSC )are introduced to link up with the compulsory requirements of the Firearms Act, Section C. The legislation specifies that the person wanting to obtain non-restricted firearms should take the CFSC and clear the test.

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