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Flying over the holidays? Here are tips for reducing your Omicron risk

The Los Angeles International Airport Flights anticipates 3.5 million passengers to pass through its gates this Christmas season, with up to 200,000 passengers per day on peak travel days.

Because domestic flights to India from NYC in the United States are not subject to vaccination or testing, the Omicron version is likely to rack up frequent-flier miles as well.

Before vaccinations, the legal advice regarding flying was “don’t do it unless you have to.” That has altered since that vaccinations are readily available to those aged five and above.

People may be considering cancelling their plans altogether as the Omicron version prepares to wreak havoc on Los Angeles and other major cities. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely prevent the danger of contracting COVID-19 while entering a congested indoor area such as an airport. There are, however, techniques to reduce your risk. If you have to travel this week, here are some tips on doing it securely.

Are you planning a vacation or a year-end celebration? Numerous people connect this time of year with family and friends gatherings, and the continuing COVID-19 epidemic and the novel Omicron variant create many safety concerns. Whatever you have planned for the next several weeks, we hope these suggestions will assist you and your family have a healthy Christmas season.

Before your vacation

Getting immunized, including a booster dose, is the best and most efficient approach to protect yourself. “Genuinely believe it’d be insane and unethical to travel without being vaccinated,” said Paula Cannon, a virology professor in the Department of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine.

  • You’ll have some additional protection even if you obtain the booster just a few days before your journey.

You should have a COVID test when you fly, if possible. Omicron seems to induce fewer symptoms than prior COVID-19 variations, especially in persons. You may have it and are entirely unaware of it. (Though should go without stating that if your test is positive, you should not go, even if you feel perfectly well.)

On-site quick antigen and PCR (molecular) testing are already available at LAX. Still, it is not cheap: $125 for a nose swab PCR test with findings in three to five hours, $199 for one-hour rapid tests, and $80 for one-hour antigen tests in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Must schedule testing in advance online. Alternatively, you may look for a testing site internet or check with your local drugstore or big-box shop to see if they sell fast tests. In general, PCR tests are more accurate at detecting infections in symptomatic persons.

Like all of these preventative steps, testing adds an extra layer of safety for you and your loved ones. When it comes to coatings, it’s time to step up your mask game. We already know that single-layer cotton masks don’t provide the same layer of safety as KN95s and N95s. To use throughout your vacation, get your hands on one of these sorts of covers and make sure you wear it correctly. There’s also evidence whether glasses, goggles, or face shields give additional protection, but how much is unknown. You may as well wear glasses or carry a face shield if you can.

Arriving at the airport

At the onset of the epidemic, the advice was to keep six feet apart from other individuals. Six feet may not be adequate due to Omicron’s high transmissibility. Even securing a foot or two of personal boundaries in the screening or boarding lines may be challenging at a crowded airport over the holidays. It’s all about giving it your all and knowing that there will be some danger.

They wouldn’t stand close next to someone. However, if already on the jet bridge, start screaming, ‘Everyone gets away from me.’ I’d embrace the danger that comes with entering a busy area.”

If you can sit somewhere less packed while waiting for your aircraft, do so. If you can avoid squeezing into the unventilated jetway by staying and becoming the last person to board, do so.

While you’re flying

People may eat and drink while wearing their masks off on aeroplanes. When the people with you are unmasked, you are most vulnerable, so if you want to have a drink or  Direct flights from Delhi to USA snack, wait until they have finished eating. If at all possible, abstain from eating and drinking. Put a straw beneath your KN95 or N95 mask if you really must drink anything.

A strong, High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter circulates the air aboard the aircraft. The air from the pump above you is the cleanest, and Cannon suggests directing it towards yourself and turning it up to the full blast. The length of the trip, producing a cone of newly filtered air that will keep viruses away from your seatmate. (In case you haven’t flown in a long, that air comes out frigid.) It’s a good idea to bring a jacket.)

Sanitizing your side table or chair arms is one precaution you don’t have to take. Keeping your hands clean and away from your face is common sense. According to Cannon, COVID-19 is unlikely to be captured through the seat-back entertainment centre’s buttons.

When you get to your destination

Cannon says she’ll take a test right away and another two days later if we’re travelling. If you’re hosting family or other guests this Christmas, prepare a home test and a nice cup of cocoa.

The CDC advises unvaccinated travellers to quarantine for seven to 10 days upon return. Fully vaccinated visitors to the UK must obtain a PCR test within two days of arrival and self-isolate. A bad result is unnecessary in the US, but it is excellent advice to keep in mind.


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