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Fruits, nuts, and vegetables you didn’t know were manmade

Fruits are an essential part of our daily life without which our diet and nutrition level always remains incomplete. On one of your recent visits to the supermarkets you definitely must have seen certain sections of fruits and vegetables as a hybrid which are modifying by man. The hybrid fruits must not be confused with the genetically modified ones which are usually genetically modified in the labs. Unlike GM fruits, hybrid fruits have been naturally creating by man mating two different cultivators or varieties within a single fruit species that results in a hybrid outcome containing the qualities of those two varieties.

Even though most of the hybrid fruits available in the market are artificially cross-pollinated, some undergo a natural process as well through bees, birds, and winds that carry the pollens. This results in the birth of a new plant species having higher values. Let us have a look at some of the hybrid fruits and vegetables and nuts that you did not know were manmade. 


We often wonder is carrot a fruit or vegetable? Well known to many it is a root vegetable that is an important part of our daily meals. These days we often get to see various hybrid carrots in the markets. Those are cross-pollinated from various varieties. The carrots were not always orange, rather initially the natural carrots were either white or purple. The orange carrot we find today in the market is a hybrid version of the natural yellow one. 

Moreover, the natural carrots were quite small in size. To ease up the matter man-made certain modifications to the root system of the carrot which resulted in larger and longer roots. The longer roots resulted in larger size carrots. Through the selective breeding process, the carrots mutated from purple or white to yellow and finally orange. 


This particular fruit is a favorite choice of many. even though this fruit first appeared in the 18th century in France, its hybridization process started much earlier. The strawberries that we relish today are a hybrid version of the wild strawberries having a lower shelf life but great taste and aroma. In the 1300s the French botanists started cloning the wild strawberries to form the hybrid ones. Gradually they recognized the male and female parts of the plant thereby making certain modifications that resulted in more yield with better taste. 


When it comes to broccoli many of us wonder is broccoli man-made? Well to a certain extent yes. By combining various other varieties of vegetables the hybrid form of broccoli was formed that consists of a high nutritional value. Moreover, we now find various other types of hybrid broccoli the famous among which is the dwarf variety which specifically grows in the kitchen garden, consuming less space and having a great taste. We often wonder about the nutritional value of artificial vegetables. But this is not a matter of concern anymore since even though they are produced artificially yet the nutritional value is never compromised rather the amalgamation of two varieties or cultivators in a single species results in a higher and better nutritional content. 

Banana and kiwi

 these days one can easily find the banana kiwi hybrid in the market that is produced through cross-pollination of two different varieties. The natural bananas are usually small in size and some of them were red. The hybridization has resulted in the formation of bigger-sized bananas that have a limited shelf life but awesome taste. The same applies to kiwi, which are bigger and greener than the natural ones. 

Pluerry and BrusselKale

 This is yet another man fruit natural vegetable that has subtle flavors and better color.  It is easy to eat raw. The Perry on the other hand has the sweetness of cherry and the tanginess of plum which makes it appealing to the taste buds. 


While talking about hybrid fruits and vegetables one cannot miss out on this one. This hybrid veggie is a cross between cauliflower and broccoli having a mild sweet taste. It consists of the striking appearance of both the vegetables which gives it an appealing look. 


Unknown to many even the almonds are a hybrid version of wild ones that are bitter. Today the almonds are getting selectively hybrid to form a better version. 

These hybrid manmade fruits, vegetables, and nuts hold the goodness of various cultivators or varieties that account for their high nutritional value along with better taste, size, and color. 

Bottom Line

Having a healthy diet keeps you away from disease. Try the above food items and experience the change in your energy.

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