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QuickBooks is a magnificent accounting software which encompasses an array of amazing tools and features which helps cater all the financial requirements of small and midsized organizations. But, with such a number of advantages, there are also some disadvantages or glitches which affects the application. Such an error, usually encountered by most QB users is QuickBooks error 1935 , which is usually caused by accidental system shuts down while the user tries to access any program. With the help of this article we are going to discuss all the potential causes which may lead to the occurrence of error core 1935 along with some of the easy methods of fixing it.

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What Exactly is QuickBooks Error 1935?

QuickBooks error 1935 appear in user’s systems when the windows operating system is corrupted and shows that the PC requires .NET framework to be installed. Adding to that, the system tends to shut down instantly while accessing any application.

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Common Symptoms of Error 1935 in QuickBooks?

Some of the common symptoms that you might notice after getting the error are:

  1. Recurring freezing of Windows.
  2. An error message displaying on the screen with error code 1935.
  3. Sudden crashing of an active program window.
  4. Slugged response of the windows to all keyboard and mouse inputs.

Common Causes for the Occurrence of QuickBooks Installation Error 1935?

Some of the causes for the occurrence of the error are:

  1. Damage or corrupt .Net framework in the user’s system.
  2. Outdated.NET framework.
  3. Incomplete or incorrect download of QuickBooks setup file.
  4. Unexpected malware or virus attack.
  5. Accidental deletion of company files or QuickBooks related data.
  6. Disruption in windows registry from a new QB update.
  7. Firewall preventing the QuickBooks installation.

What are the most efficient ways to fix the QuickBooks Error Message 1935?

Here are some of the ways following which the user will easily be able to fix QuickBooks error 1935 windows 7:

Solution 1: Repair Damaged .NET FRAMEWORK

  1. Download QuickBooks component repair tool.
  2. Run the tool from the desktop of your computer.
  3. Once done, restart PC.

Solution 2: Install and Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  1. Download the tool.
  2. Click on fix problems.
  3. Restart PC.
  4. Reinstall QuickBooks.

Solution 3: Temporarily turn off your Antivirus 

  1. Disable antivirus temporarily from the taskbar.
  2. Install QuickBooks.
  3. Now, activate your antivirus again.

These were some of the portable methods via which you will be able to get rid of QuickBooks error 1935 manually. However, if not or if you wish to acquire certified experts guidance to help you fix the error then do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of dedicated personnel even in the oddest hours of the day. To get in touch with us, place a call at +1 800-579-9430.

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