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Google Shopping Ads Management Services Agency: They Are Useful

Google Shopping Ads Management Services Agency Everyone has happen to watch an interesting program on television and be interrupt by a commercial. This is because, when the concept of marketing was born and has increasingly taken hold in the B2B and B2C communication strategy, the principle of the approach was to intercept consumers by interrupting the use of their contents. Over time, this conception has increasingly blunt, in favor of a technique that would support users and suggest a service or product that fits their preferences.

This is why Google Ads, the renew Google Adwords, has add the Discovery Campaign to its schedule, which, as Jerry Dischler state on the official Google Ads blog, promises to intercept consumers “as they explore their interests and seek inspiration.” The discovery is the basis of this new type of advertising which, in terms of results and performance, aims to achieve social advertising by offering solutions tailor to the business objectives of the sponsors.

What is the Discovery campaign and how does it work?

In general, the campaigns of what was once known as Google Adwords and is now Google Ads can be base on two basic data: keywords and audiences. In the first case, the campaigns are built on those keywords that users type in the search engine and which are very important for defining the virtual movements of consumers (what they look for, how they search for it, and what they do when they find it); an example is the Search campaign, which shows users a specific text ad depending on the keywords that have been enter in the search bar.
In the second case, however, the campaigns adapt to a certain cluster of targets that are identify at the time of the creation of the campaign itself, going to insert directly into the consumer’s feed; for example, Display campaigns and, precisely, Discovery campaigns are part of this trend.

The Discovery campaign is ideal for promoting information content across multiple channels, stimulating user interest. Unlike Smart or Local campaigns, which work on the deepest layer of the funnel (i.e. the path that leads customers to purchase), the Discovery campaign is base on the consumer’s wishes and aims at discovery, providing a wide range of coverage.

Specifically, the Discovery campaign announcement dynamically adapts to the individual user, intercepting him “in the right place at the right time”, where the “right time” is extend to various Google platforms, such as Youtube, Gmail, and Google Discover. All this is thanks to machine learning, the branch of artificial intelligence that allows the computer to independently learn activity and complete it.

How is a Discovery campaign structured?

The creation of the Discovery Campaign is similar to that of other Google campaigns.
The great imperative of this type of advertisement is the image, which must always be present. It can be single or part of a larger carousel (very useful for storytelling content) and, depending on the format that is insert, it will always be the Discovery Campaign to independently choose the content to show that will generate the best performance.

What have we done at Welcome Digital?

We use the Discovery campaign for a company active in the electric mobility sector. The three-month strategy aim to encourage users to download the brochure on electric vehicle charging systems. To achieve it, the Search campaign was activate, which was to be the heart of the sponsorship plan, and the Discovery campaign, which, aware of its potential apply to this type of goal, was design as support.

Why try the Discovery campaign for online advertising

The Google Discovery campaign can be an excellent ally in the strategic planning of sponsorships because it rides the wave of the new communication reality that refers to targeting and permission marketing, which we talked about in the article on inbound marketing. Digitization encourages us to conceive advertising not as something sudden, which breaks the vision of content, but rather as a moment of discovery that leads the consumer to become passionate about what he is looking at. Because touching the right chords in the user’s soul is the basis of the communication of the future.

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