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Here’s All You Should Know While Starting Home Renovation in Singapore

Home renovations are exciting as you see a house transformed according to your needs and preferences. However, the process can be hard to manage on your own. For this reason, most people hire HDB registered renovation contractors in Singapore; to effectively get the remodelling done. HDB contractors provide a certain level of quality in the renovation, as they work in compliance with the government rules and regulations.

Besides, one must know some important things before starting the renovation. They help homeowners get the best value out of a remodelling project and finish it in the pre-decided budget and time. For your help, we have mentioned the top things one must know before starting home renovations. So, let’s have a look.

Things To Know Before Renovating Your Home

Get Quotes From HDB registered Contractors

One must prefer getting a quote from HDB contractors because they deliver quality work at the best market prices. Moreover, they follow all the essential safety guidelines. This way, HDB contractors are able to keep the neighbouring property safe from damage and avoid the workers getting injured. 

Also, they give you a detailed quote that makes it easy to track the expenses. Consequently, one can effectively manage the funds and pay them in easy instalments. HDB contractors have good contacts in the market. For this reason, they can provide you with the best value by arranging the material and supplies at a lower price. 

Ask For The Estimate in Writing

Not getting the quote or estimate in writing is a common mistake most homeowners generally make. The contractors may try to convince you with an estimate over a phone call or message. But, you must ask for the quote in a printed form on paper. It makes your life easy as the project proceeds seamlessly without any issues.

If you have the estimate in writing, the contractors can deny implementing a particular thing in the renovations. Besides, they can’t ask for more money later for the same tasks they promised to do at a low price. So, you are assured that there are no unpleasant surprises in the future.

In short, a written quote eliminates the possibility of any disputes. Also, the contractors have a sense of responsibility as they have to complete the things mentioned in the estimate before the deadline.

Make Arrangements For Temporary Housing

Home renovations can take months, depending upon the scope of the work and the size of the property. During this time, your house will be full of renovation waste, required supplies, various equipment etc. So, you must make arrangements for temporary housing until the project gets finished. 

If the renovations are estimated to be complete in a few days or weeks, move to a suitable nearby location for a short time. On the other hand, if the renovations are going to take months, consider renting an apartment for a temporary stay.

While renting a house, make sure to choose an area nearby the project location. This way, one can ensure regular visits to the project site for monitoring purposes. However, if you can adjust and shift from one room to another while they get renovated one by one, you can also stay in the same house. 

Hire A General Contractor

One must hire a general contractor who deals with all the tasks, such as painting, flooring, plumbing, carpentry, etc. It is a better approach than hiring individual installers for different tasks. Not only are their services expensive, but managing multiple workers for various tasks is a headache.  

On the contrary, general contractors offer multiple services bundled in a single package. Consequently, homeowners have to spend less money and get all the workers from a single place. Moreover, general contractors have the experience and expertise required to manage different workers so that their services complement each other.

For instance, a general contractor will ensure that the floor is properly levelled before calling a worker to install the tiles. As they are familiar with the flow of the remodelling process, they can effectively manage different tasks accordingly.

Visit The Store To Buy Required Material

It may seem convenient to look at pictures and order the supplies and materials required for the renovation project with the help of online shopping. However, it is not a wise decision because you cannot judge the colour, texture, and quality of material just by photos on the internet.

Therefore, one must visit an offline store, and shop for the materials after checking their quality. You can also take the contractor with you to get advice about the best products. Furthermore, one can touch and feel the texture on a tile or lift the wooden sheets in hand to check how sturdy they are.

Check The Contractor’s Expertise

Home and office contractors require different expertise to renovate a space. So, one must avoid hiring an office contractor for remodelling the home. There are different workers and guidelines for commercial properties that are not suitable for residential properties. However, some contractors offer their services for both. But, one must check their credibility before giving them the tender.

Also, don’t go for contractors offering their services at unbelievably cheaper prices as they are most likely a scam. Such contractors fake their expertise to get the tender of a project. Afterwards, you have to compromise as they use low-quality material and don’t provide a good finish in their work.

Summing Up

Renovations are overwhelming but one can ease up things by following the above tips. Moreover, Singapore has a lot of contractors offering their services for home renovation. For this reason, if you search like home renovation contractors Singapore, you get a large number of results.

However, one must only select a skilled and experienced contractor registered with the Housing and Development Board (HDB). This way, one can ensure quality remodelling services at the best market rates; and a good finish in work.

What are your thoughts on the tips that we mentioned above? We are waiting for your suggestions in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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