As more communities across the country reopen following the pandemic, there is a greater desire for people to socialize and return to a sense of normalcy. Community events that were canceled last year are being rescheduled, and new events are being planned. While these community events may be small, private security guards and protections for attendees are still required.

While many people believe that security guards are only for large venues hosting thousands of people or for companies and organizations with large budgets, this is no longer the case. Small community events such as local concerts, 5K races, cookouts, 4th of July fireworks celebrations, and parades are still vulnerable to security attacks and terrorism. Organizations hosting such events should not put security on the back burner. Instead, they should consider hiring temporary security guards to keep their community events safe and secure. Nowadays all of us want a secure day-to-day life. Trace out security offers the best and Provencal private security guards for businessmen, politicians and well-established people.

Block parties, parades, and county fairs may appear to be wholesome events that are safe and secure by definition. However, if you watch the news for any length of time, you will notice that these events can also be targets for a variety of threats, including terrorism and other violent attacks. Security guards provide a professional presence that gives your attendees peace of mind and discourages would-be attackers from attempting to compromise your guests’ safety.

Entrance and exit monitoring

You will have several entrances and exits that require active monitoring depending on the type of event and your venue. As your event grows in size, it can be difficult to keep track of ticket holders and those who have the proper credentials. Volunteers may have good intentions, but they may not have the skills needed to effectively manage your access points.

Private security guards have the knowledge, training, and experience to actively manage access to the premises, detect suspicious behavior, and respond quickly. They can ensure that only those with valid credentials or access are allowed to enter the premises. Furthermore, they can ensure that prohibited items such as weapons, alcohol, and recording equipment are not brought into the country.

To make it easy for you:


Patrolling and monitoring the parking lot

Parking lots can be used for a wide range of illegal activities. Theft, loitering, and vandalism are all common crimes in parking lots during community events. If your event is crowded and parking is scarce, there is always the possibility of an altercation among disgruntled attendees.

Uniformed security guards on the premises can deter criminal activity and respond immediately to any security incident. Your attendees will have peace of mind if you actively monitor your parking lots, especially if they are leaving late at night.

Unruly guests must be removed

Depending on the nature of your event, guests may consume too much alcohol or become involved in an altercation with other guests. These issues not only disrupt your attendees’ enjoyment, but they can also pose a security and safety risk. In addition, escalating fights can harm your event’s reputation.

With the recent events that have occurred in our country, it’s no surprise that security at public events is even more important than it has been in the past. We hope this blog post has helped to answer any questions you may have about security at public events.


As the summer months are coming up and the weather is getting warmer, we find that our clients are usually very busy planning summer events for their communities. From BBQs and picnics, to carnivals and reunions, there are many ways that you can bring your community together for a fun and enjoyable event. However, with all the activities taking place and large group of people who may not know each other, it is good to think about how you can be proactive and set up a safe environment for everyone to enjoy. Private Security Guards are a great option for keeping your event safe and secure. The following are just a few ways that guards can help you out.

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