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How can you follow positive parenting with your children?

As a parent, you may feel exhausted sometimes. Or you may feel clueless while dealing with your children. Various dimensions are covered in parenting, and many people are unaware of it. You may feel things are getting out of your hand.

It can be overwhelming for you to handle your children according to what is considered right. You have to find out ways that make you feel more manageable and focused. Many parents do not focus on the right parenting and do what they feel is right.

Positive parenting is an important aspect of every child’s life. If the parenting is not going in the right direction, it may hamper the child’s future. As a parent, you have to be extremely careful in dealing with your children and solving their behaviour problems.

Do not be overwhelmed and be practical instead. Following a practical approach can bring positivity to your parenting. Positive parenting should be practised and learnt in order to build a bright future for your child.

Various techniques help you to learn positive parenting. Also, positive parenting has a great impact on your personality too. It makes you a positive person and also gives you a positive approach in life.

For example, if you have borrowed loans with no guarantor needed and are unable to pay them back. Do not let this tension and stress pass on to your children. Keep your problems low key in order not to let that impact your child’s mental health.

You should learn to stay positive in life and pass on the same attitude to your children. Children always imitate their parents, and you have to portray the best from your personality.

Positive parenting tips

Invest time in one-on-one interaction with your child on a daily basis

The basic step of parenting it’s to interact with your child on one on one basis. Always spend sufficient time with your children.

This should be done on a daily basis. Do not irregularly spend time. For example, many parents do not have time and are not able to spend time with their children. Hence, they sit on a weekly basis.

Your child requires your time and gives them the required attention. This will help them to get connected with you emotionally. Also, it will field them secure in their life. If you do not give them positive attention, they will seek out attention in negative ways.

This will hamper their discipline and also bring in consequences. You can aim for spending 10 to 15 minutes with your child every day. Once you start doing this, you will feel the difference and also a measurable improvement in yourself and your child.

Focus on the sleeping routine of your child

If you are overtired, you may become cranky and irritable. Similarly, think about your children who are cranky, and you are not able to make them sleep. If the child gets tired, they may feel irritable and have a head and stomach ache.

Similarly, for kids and toddlers, if they get less sleep, they become irritable. The growing bodies have a growing need for sleep, and they should be catered to properly.

Many teenagers do not get the proper sleep as they have many more things to concentrate on. You, as a parent, should be able to give them the proper sleep that their body requires.

The asleep deficit can lead to many problems in their body and surroundings. Give sufficient time to their bedtime every night and make them feel relaxed and secure.

Be careful of the routines of your child

Working with routine is very important. You should focus on the routines of your children as it can be the more challenging task of the day. For example, if they have a routine of getting up in the morning and finishing their work.

You should motivate them to fulfil their routine. Especially their mealtime and bedtime routines should be focused on and should be done on time. Let your child adjust to these routines and get accustomed to them in the long run.

For younger children, you have to put in more time to set their routines. Once the routine is said, you can feel a difference in their behaviour and discipline.

Importance of the role of other family members

For the bright future of kids, everybody needs to pitch in for their future. Everybody’s input is required for a bright future for your children. Not as a single parent, but your family contribution is significant.

Everybody has a unique role to play in your child’s life. You as a parent can teach some skills while as grandparents they can teach other skills to your child. This will make them positive and will work towards their holistic development.

Work on the problem-solving trait of your child

Everybody encounters some of the other problems in their life. Even children also encounter problems in their life. Their problems can be different to ours, but they are important for them.

Always acknowledge their problems and give them ways to solve their problems in the best possible way. For example, your child may be facing a problem with the sibling or maybe having regular sibling disagreements.

Also, they can have problems in their school with their friends or teachers, always take time to talk to your child about their problems. Their problem may not be too big for you, but it can create a permanent impression on their minds.

If the child doesn’t learn how to solve their conflicts, it can create a discrepancy in their personality.

Keep on asking your children about their problems and keep on giving them the solutions. Also, motivate them to solve their own problems and inculcate a problem-solving approach within them.


You can cut the chaos in your child’s life and be a positive parent in their life. Be a guiding light in their life and shape up their future in a positive way. A positive parent not only contributes positively to your child’s life but also contributes to your life too.

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