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How can You Reset Microsoft Office Apps on Android

Microsoft Office Apps offers lots of top tools for the device. From Word to Outlook, Office provides advanced tools to the user. These apps are traditionally designed for Windows. But not you using these Office tools on Android devices. You can easily install these tools on your phone and then use them easily. But sometimes users get errors while running Office tools on Android. To fix the errors, the users can reset the Office Apps on the Android device. 

Resetting Microsoft Office Apps on Android Device

  1. Go to your phone and open the Office app
  2. Open Menu and choose the Settings icon
  3. Scroll and choose the Reset Office option
  4. Tap on the Reset button

The user will get a confirmation box, select the Reset option and your Office App on Android device will get reset. Now the user can see the default settings of his Office plan. 

Error in Resetting MS Office Applications on Phone

Some users get errors while resetting or making changes on the Office setup. The user can face Office errors due to numerous reasons. You can check certain aspects for troubleshooting the application regarding errors.

Check for Malware

Your Office tools get errors when the device has a malware infection. Android offers a very secure platform but you can still get malware. To remove this malware, the user can use a security application. Open the security app and run the scan. After removing all malware, restart your phone. Go to the Office setup and try to reset it.

Run Office Update

Microsoft Office Apps can show issues when they are outdated. Whenever the user tries to make any change, the app can fetch it correctly. When the Office app shows any error, you should check for its update.

  1. Open Play Store on the Phone
  2. Select My Apps
  3. You will see all apps on a list
  4. Select MS Office 
  5. Tap on the Update button

Your Office setup will start updating. After completing the update, restart the phone and go to an Office tool like Word or PowerPoint. Try to reset the tool and check for the error. 

Remove the Conflicting Application

Many users get Office errors due to issues in MS Setup Bootstrapper. On the phone, the error appears when the Office setup is conflicting with another program. Usually, the third-party apps show conflict issues. On the phone device, go to the Apps and check for all the applications. If you see any unreliable app, uninstall it. After removing it, open the Files folder and remove all the related files. Restart the Android device and then go to MS Office. Now you can easily reset your Office application on the device.

Update your Phone

When your Office setup is updated but the phone is running outdated then you will get errors. While resetting the app, your phone can’t find new changes and the app stops working. For reliable execution, update your phone. Now restart it and then make changes to your MS Office settings.

Check for the Internet 

The changes on the Office won’t occur when the device is not connected to the internet. Several tools of MS Office require the internet. You can work on the application in offline mode. But for several processes or changes, the user has to connect the phone to the internet. Go to your device and then check for connection. Always connect the phone to a secured network. When the internet is stable, go to Office setup and click on the Reset button. Now reopen the Office and check for the changes.

Run Office Repair Utility

Sometimes the files of your Office setup get damaged and the app starts showing errors. Go to the Office website and then check for the utility tool. The tool will search for Office files and then repair them. After repairing, check for your Office error. If the error gets fixed, remove the utility tool from your phone.

Reinstall the Office Setup

If you can’t fix your MS Office errors then reinstall the setup. Before removing the installed setup, check for the key. Now uninstall the program and restart your device. Get a new Office setup and then activate the key. Now the user can easily run Office applications. 


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