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Before the pandemic, we all live our lives peacefully, exploring our ways, making things happen, and many more. Everything is going so smoothly, and we believe that these struggles and hustle is never going to end till death. But guess what, somewhere in China, a virus came out and spread all over the world. It was in 2019, and by keeping an eye on the circumstances, the activities had to be stopped, and people were bound to stay at their homes till the situation was in control.

The government banned gatherings and any social activities because the virus spreads very fast from one person to another. People follow it, but the consequences we are still facing are there. Along with all other eras of life, many industries like the apparel Industry, apparel industry eventsetc., are also being impacted by COVID-19. These industries struggled a lot during COVID-19 times.

About 75% of garment industry employees are women, and their lives are impacted more. Not only has this, but the Apparel events happening every year have been affected. They are arranged worldwide, and now because of covid-19, nothing is going to happen because that is alarming for our lives. Supply chain demands are being reduced, and economies are slowdown.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the impact of an ongoing pandemic on the apparel industry’s events worldwide. But before it, let’s quickly know why these events are important for Garments manufacturers in Pakistan or Apparel manufacturers.

Why Are the Apparel Industry’s Events Important? 

The apparel industry’s events that can also be named fashion trade shows are very important for the fashion, textile, and Apparel industries, and it’s only arranged for the members of the industry. These apparel industry’s events bring together many likewise members. The durability of these apparel industry’s events is for a week or a day.

These are arranged every year and in different countries for the industries to represent their latest products and services. The apparel industry’s events worldwide are very helpful to gain knowledge about the industry’s latest trends and are a great way to make networks with similar minds. Now you know trade shows that are happening worldwide are crucial for every manufacturer, either Apparel manufacturers in Pakistan or any other.

Let’s open up to you the challenges that the Apparel industry’s events face.

Impact of Covid-19 on Apparel Events Worldwide:

Because of COVID-19, apparel industries are not able to represent their new products because of pandemics; their products did not reach the right customers. Many retailers and brands attend the trade shows, so these events are a great way to network with the seller and buyer, but because of the cancellation of these events, industries have failed to attract sellers and buyers.

Plenty of big trade shows are held in many countries like China and many more. China, which is considered to be a major country among the apparel industry events and from where this virus begins, impacts the small and large economies. Especially it impacts those industries that are looking up to Chinese input.

The large trade shows that are supposed to be happening in China now can’t take place, hence the supply chain’s downfall. Many developing countries don’t have a good economy, and because of these outbreaks, they suffered a lot. Their garment workers are being affected because of this pandemic. They are working for the industries, and when they are forced to stay home, how can they make their living?

Also, many events that are going to happen are being canceled because of this ongoing pandemic. So industries have to face a major economic slowdown. Not only has this, but the global business also had to face problems. The apparel industry’s events are very popular and big, so when they are canceled, then there are major losses for them.

But how can we eradicate them? There should be any way to get benefits.

How Can We Lessen The Impact? 

A Physical trade show is not going to happen for sure. But what about a digital one? Instead of the traditional way of doing this, arranging digital trade shows is the wisest move for now. This way, the business is not going to stop, and the retailers and buyers can do their jobs. Don’t replace physical trade shows with digital ones, but held digital apparel industry’s events worldwide during these pandemics. Just shift the strategy and save your economy and supply chains.

Because many people in the Apparel industry want to meet the person they are working with or the industry or their brands’ products. Digital trade shows do have many benefits. All retailers and buyers should have to understand that if they want to lessen their losses, they should adopt a new change because we all know that digital trade shows are the next big thing.

And also one thing more, there must be an assistance plan for developing countries to help them in economies. Industries should provide income support to garment workers. Show some care towards them. They are humans and have to make a living.


Many trades show sectors are taking stands like they are starting vaccination programs for their workers, making plans for maintaining social distancing, reducing their number of shows, and many more. No doubt, we all are facing this problem, and every individual is being impacted because of this. And all of this, the financial crises, supply chain, and many more are all unplanned. But remember that we all are into this together and can go through it together. There is always an alternative to anything, so do it and lessen your loss. We have to survive this outbreak; there is no other way to do that.

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