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How Do I Move from RoundCube to Outlook PST Format? – Get Direct Key

Summary: This blog post is especially a write-up for the users who need an appropriate solution for RoundCube export all emails into Outlook PST format without any problem. Before discussing the solution, we will go to understand the user’s problem that we have discussed below:

User’s Issue – For many past years, I am continuously using the RoundCube Webmail application for storing the email database. And, now I need to access my complete RoundCube Webmail email data into MS Outlook application. But I don’t have any perfect solution for RoundCube export all emails into Outlook. So, I am here for wishing to get a perfect answer for the “how do I move from RoundCube to Outlook PST” format including all the emails and its attachments.

Do you have the same question in your mind? Then, don’t worry because here we will describe one of the fantastic solution that can solve your all issues related to the RoundCube Webmail to Outlook conversion process. If you need to collect complete information about this solution so, you can read out the further material of this blog post. So, keep reading…

RoundCube Webmail to Outlook Tool – RoundCube Export All Emails into PST Outlook

A lot of professionals recommended this amazing RoundCube Webmail to Outlook Tool that anyone can use on any Windows system. This tool is the only perfect solution for user query of how do I move from RoundCube to Outlook PST format. So, let’s follow its working steps that how we can perform RoundCube webmail email to Outlook conversion process.

Easy & Quick Working Steps:-

First: Run the tool >> choose RoundCube webmail >> Add login details >> Click Next

Second: Choose the folders >> select PST Outlook >> Add location path for output files

Third: Now, Implement the multiple filters and quickly hit on the Backup tab

Fourth: Get the complete view of the live RoundCube webmail to Outlook PST conversion process

Fifth: The software finishes the process by showing a confirmation message on a live screen. So, click OK and get the complete report and save it properly.

After getting the complete working process, now you will think why we should take this solution. If you have this question then, read the next section.

Why Should we Prefer CubexSoft RoundCube to Outlook Software?

In this section, we will collect the excellent benefits of RoundCube Webmail to Outlook Tool that makes the solution is unique and perfect. So, get its all features and benefits by going through the points that we have discussed below:

  • The RoundCube to Outlook Tool is a 100% secure and trustworthy solution for RoundCube export all emails into Outlook.
  • It includes a very simple graphical interface so that anyone can simply access it properly.
  • The tool offers a batch files export process where you can export unlimited RoundCube emails to Outlook at once.
  • It can export all emails from RoundCube webmail to Outlook with its attachments.
  • This software works perfectly and retains all email details in the same way.
  • To perform the conversion process, login id and password are necessary to fill into the software screen.
  • Use the software for exporting RoundCube email data to any MS Outlook editions like- 2019, 2016, 2013, and all the others.
  • Try the multiple filters that helps you to export any specific RoundCube emails.
  • The solution is easy to downloadable on all Windows OS platforms like- 7, 8, 10, etc.
  • This email backup solution facilitates a log report by which you can analyze the complete conversion process at the end.

Final Verdict

In the above blog material, we have explored one of the brilliant professional utility to solve a user query of how do I move from RoundCube to Outlook PST format. So, now you can freely download the RoundCube Backup trial edition for testing the complete program before purchasing. Use the free trial for exporting the first 25 emails from RoundCube webmail to Outlook without any cost.

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