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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Tutor for Your Child?

Parents often ask how much tutors charge. This is a typical query, and the answer differs depending on the situation. The biggest problem for students nowadays is pandemic and parents are often apprehensive about their children’s education and want to get the best help they can. But they are also worried about the cost of tutoring. We did a lot of research to determine what tutors cost and what you get for your money when hiring a tutor or looking for online tuition in London. This blog will help you know how much tutors charge and what you can expect to pay for private tutors, online tutors and in-school tutors. 

Is there a standard rate for tutors per hour? The tutor’s expertise, teaching level, and complicated subject matter are among the factors that determine the tutor’s quality. Tutoring costs vary depending on where and how you hire them. Private tutors may charge additional travel time or other factors. Most online tutoring services charge a flat fee monthly or hourly. 

Define Your Budget


It is essential to look at your monthly income and expenses before developing a budget for tutoring services. Identify how considerably you can spend on tutoring. Tutoring costs may need to decrease if your budget is tight. 

Getting rid of extras that you spend money on might mean cutting back on how often you eat out. If you cannot make cuts, you may want to explore other options, such as free services schools, churches, and other organizations.

Evaluate Your Choices


Your child’s tutoring cost depends on the type of tutoring they receive. Let’s review the different kinds of tutoring.

Private Tutoring

You can hire a private tutor to help you with various online or in person. Private tutors often have backgrounds working as high school teachers, undergraduate teaching assistants, graduate-level university employees or experienced professionals. Some private tutors are graduate students or even high school students.

Private tutors are the teachers of the future. They provide one-on-one help to students in exchange for money, whether online or in-person. Most private tutors work as certified educators or professionals in specific topics, and some are high school or college students.

The cost of hiring a private tutor can also vary depending on where you live. Tutors generally charge students more if they live in a larger city or metro area, as living costs are higher. If your child has special needs, you’ll likely pay a higher fee because the tutor will adjust the lesson plans to fit their specific learning needs.

Private tutors may also offer additional perks as an incentive to purchase lessons from them. If a tutor has to travel a long distance to your home or location, they may provide you with a fee that provides partial compensation for their travel time. In addition, if the tutors offer bulk lesson packages, you could be offered discounts on the courses you have purchased.

Tutoring Centers

Provide students or educators who can benefit from many tutoring centers. Tutoring centers on college campuses or via partnerships with libraries and community centers help students resolve last-minute questions, learn something new or get some help in broadening their knowledge. Some learning centers offer student credit for the time spent attending tutoring sessions.

Cost of Tutoring in london
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In some cases, private learning centers may charge an admission fee, along with book or material fees. Some may offer trial sessions at reduced rates, while others provide a money-back guarantee if you or your child don’t see results. Additionally, many tutoring centers provide you with lessons on a small group basis, typically two to four students per tutor. So your child won’t necessarily get the one-to-one learning environment they will get with a private tutor or tutoring service.

Tutoring Services

Prices of tutoring vary according to experience or background. However Tutoring services typically offer transparently priced packages for tutoring lessons. The pay rate for an online tutor can vary depending on the platform you’re using though it’s well worth it to invest in top quality if you want results!

Online tutoring agencies typically charge a one-time fee. While some online tutoring firms require long-term contracts, others allow you to pay every month instead of signing a multi-month contract. Long-term commitments may slow your search for the best possible tutor. However, monthly agreements will enable you to change tutors without much difficulty, if necessary, and are therefore worth looking into if you need more than one session of online tutoring.

According to the figures below, private tutoring has proven to be a booming industry. In some areas of the UK, hourly rates for tutoring can quickly rise to £40. In Hampshire, the highest average hourly rate in the UK is over £40! It shows how much students in Hampshire value their education and appreciate those teachers who are willing to do more than pay them lip service. 45 minutes of your time working with students outside of school hours equates to £38 22p more per minute than other parts of England (excluding London.) The top ten hourly rates by location are as follows:


  1. Hampshire – $39.95
  2. London – £39.10
  3. Surrey – £35.69
  4. Manchester – £38.52
  5. Warwickshire – £38.60
  6. Somerset – £37.49
  7. Buckinghamshire – £38.18
  8. Oxford-shire – £37.81
  9. Sussex – £35.99
  10. Wiltshire – £35.56


Based on the subject, some lessons are far more expensive than others. It costs an average of £53.50 for one Mandarin lesson and £47.50 for one Physics lesson.



Online tuition can be a helpful way to help your child improve in areas they are weak in. It is important to note that tutoring your child can be a great way to ensure academic success, but it may also be a costly option. I have provided some information about some of the costs associated with tutoring to help you make a better decision when hiring a tutor.

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