How much solar energy is used in the world?

Solar energy has begun to make its mark in the world, and with the help of engineers and designers, solar energy global production capacity reached up to 39.8 gig watts (0.0398 terawatts), and it is growing positively. There are also some countries in the world where a lot of steps are being taken to generate solar energy.

List of top 10 countries according to the usage of solar energy:

Following is the list of the top ten countries where special steps are being taken to increase the usage of solar energy.

they are doing amazing work in its development.

  1. Germany was on top in 2010 with 9,785 MW
  2. Spain’s capacity was 3,386 MW
  3. Japan is also not behind others with 2,633 MW
  4. United States is taking special steps for the usage of solar energy and obtaining 1,650 MW
  5. Italy the well-known country of Europe is getting 1,167 MW
  6. According to data, the usage of the Czech Republic is approximately 465 MW
  7. Belgium’s usage is approximately 363 MW
  8. China is a country that cannot be ignored in the campaign for generating solar energy. and according to statistical analysis, its usage is approx 305 MW
  9. The usage in France is approx 272 MW
  10. India’s usage is about 120 MW

Solar energy availability against its usage:

Overall, according to scientists’ calculations, the sun emits about 7,000 times more solar energy than the energy needed for human consumption, and from this, the world can switch its energy-generating methods.

The sun is emitting a lot of energy, but so far humans have not been able to use even one percent of that energy. Scientists, engineers, and designers are doing their job, but governments seem to be unable to do their part.

Of course, there are a few countries mentioned above.

that are playing their part and taking good steps to increase their production.

Right now there is a lot of energy that is being wasted without being used.

Fossil fuels are also being used as energy.

but the problem is that this energy is not reusable and is also very dangerous for the environment which is contributing to an increase the pollution.

Global electricity requirements:

Approximately 17,000 terawatt-hours of global electricity.

are required annually for human civilization.

If the energy emitted from the sun is calculated.

the sun emits light continuously for about an hour that will be equal to the annual requirement for human civilization. If we talk about the world, many countries have vacant land.

where sunlight is available in abundance and they also have the resources to generate energy.

Pakistan is also one of the countries where sunlight falls on the earth in large quantities.

but due to scarcity of resources and many costs of solar energy generating devices.

the benefits of solar energy are not being reaped. Developed countries should encourage such developing countries and play a role in taking positive steps in the field of solar energy. Because developing countries are already plagued by epidemics and financial problems.

it is not easy to budget for development.

Final Words:

Sunlight falls heavily on the earth and is so abundant that one hour of calculation equals the energy required for a whole year.

There are only a few countries that are benefiting from solar energy such as China, Germany, Italy, the United States, and Belgium, etc.

China is a country that is not only benefiting from solar panels.

but also manufacturing the equipment used in it, that are available in the market at a very low price. All that is needed is the support of developing countries.

so that they too can benefit from this technology.


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