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How to Choose A Hand Blender? Ultimate Guide

A hand blender is a multi-tasking kitchen appliance which is too reasonable yet useful. So, how to choose a hand blender?

As today technology is growing every day, there are many new models of hand blenders with even more astonishing features.

In this guide, you will go through all the essential attachments, features, specs, etc., that you should look for when choosing a hand blender.

How often will you use it?

hand blender 4 You may be salivating at the idea of the many delicious recipes you can create with your immersion blender, and you plan to use it every day.

What do you plan to blend?

Before you start knowing about to choose a hand blender, think about your needs of using it. Immersion blenders are best suited for soft foods. An immersion blender is best if you are making a lot of soups, sauces and spreads.

An immersion blender is great if you’re more interested in crushing ice. A traditional countertop blender might be better.

Immersion blenders should only be used for about a minute at a time. Before buying, think about what you are most fond of making and what you would like to make more.

Are You Looking for a Corded or Cordless Hand Blender?

hand blender 1

While immersion blenders with cords offer more power, they can also be useful in smaller kitchens that don’t have enough outlets or a good layout. Consider your space and decide what is best for your kitchen.

These are the Features to Consider Before You Buy a Hand Blender

  • Watts: A basic watt should range from 200 watts up to 250 watts.
  • Cost: You should choose a cost that is reasonable and within your means.
  • Weight: You should opt for a model that is small and portable.
  • Speed: The machine should be quick and not make too much noise. It would also be a good idea to have different speeds for different ingredients.
  • Wireless: This feature allows you to access the entire kitchen from anywhere.
  • Blades: The blades should be different in size and used for different purposes.
  • Light: The item should weigh between 2-5 pounds and be easily portable.
  • Easy to clean: It should be easy to use and clean. It should also be easy to clean after use.

When buying a hand blender, what accessories should you look for?

hand blender 3

Blenders come with many accessories. Depending on your needs, we suggest you invest in the best hand blenders in India that contain the following features:

Blending Container

Many hand blenders include a blending cup. This is a great tool for small tasks as it allows you to keep the food closer to the blades, which makes for more efficient blending.


Some models also have additional wand attachments, such as whisks or chopping blades. These attachments allow you to expand the use of your hand blender, making it a stronger utility tool in your kitchen.

Avoid these mistakes when using a hand blender.

hand blender 2

Hand blenders can be useful for daily use. However, it is important that you use the appliance correctly and avoid these common errors.

Do not overload: 

Blend in batches to prevent spillage and give your blender enough space to function efficiently.

Overheating: Blend for 30 seconds, then pause and use the blender again. Failure to adhere to the timers can cause overheating and damage to your appliance.

Do Not Add Water: 

You should not add water to your blender.

Using Other Attachments/Accessories: It is important only to use the accessories and attachments that came with your blender. Other accessories can cause damage and could even lead to a fire in your kitchen.

Mixing Foods For better results, blend each type of food separately.

Use It on Hot Foods: This is an offence. Let the food cool down before you get out your hand blender. This will not only damage your blender but also cause a mess.

You are not cleaning it properly: Hand blenders need to be cleaned after each use. This will prevent food from sticking to the blade and causing damage. These were all the major considerations on to choose a hand blender.

A Bonus Recipe that you can make with a hand blender:

hand blender 5

Although you can make a lot of things with the help of a hand blender, Oreo Cookie Milkshake is something you should definitely try. Here’s the process of making this recipe easily:


  • 4 tsp of chocolate syrup
  • 8 Oreo cookies
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 cups vanilla ice cream, softened


    • Put the chocolate syrup in a glass. Roll it around to coat the bottom.
    • Cut 2 Oreos into small pieces and place them aside
    • Blend the Oreos and milk in a blender until smooth.
    • Place the Oreos in a glass and top it with crushed Oreos.


Can the hand blender also be used to whip cream?

You can whip cream with a hand blender. It’s very easy to do.

With this blender, can I blend solids such as rice and vegetables?

Yes, you can. You can, but be careful about how much you put in. Also, don’t overfill the blender.

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