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How to Get a Free Netflix Watch Party Subscription

Netflix Watch Party used to provide a one-month free trial to entice new subscribers. Customers must now acquire a Netflix subscription plan in order to access content on the platform, as of last year’s Netflix StreamFest 2022. There are, however, a few options for avoiding the Rs 199 monthly Netflix subscription plan in India. Popular telecommunications and ISPs such as Jio and Vi offer a free subscription to the streaming platform with certain recharge plans. You may not only watch Netflix for free with these recharge packs, but you can also get free voice calls and internet access, among other things.

In India, there are three ways to watch Netflix for free: Using Shared Plans:

This is a common occurrence in a group of friends. Ask your friends to share their Netflix username and password with you if they can’t live without it. Good communication skills can assist you in accomplishing this goal.

This is only feasible if your friend or family member has purchased a premium or standard plan. Because the basic plan only comes with two screens, however the premium plan comes with four.

Netflix’s primary dashboard allows you to manage your profiles, which is helpful for keeping the recommendation list tidy and letting the user to watch whatever he wants.

One of the most successful ways to get Netflix for free is to share plans.

Jio is offering consumers a free Netflix membership with its newly launched Postpaid Plus package. The prices of these plans range from Rs 399 to Rs 1,499. 75GB of data, unlimited voice and SMS calls, and 200GB of data with rollover are included in the base Rs 399 Jio Postpaid Plan. A step up the ladder is the Rs 599 JioPostpaid Plus Plan, which comes with 100GB of data and one additional SIM card with Family Plan. Jio PostpaidPlus also provides prices of Rs 799 and Rs 899. The Rs 799 Jio postpaid package comes with 150GB data and two more SIM cards, whereas the Rs 899 plan comes with 150GB data and three additional SIM cards.

watch movies online with friends using Teleparty and Netflix Watch Party

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