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How to Get the Luxury Student Accommodation in London

London is a vibrant city with a lot to offer students who are moving abroad for higher education. Students heading to the UK for university often choose London universities as they are highly prominent with excellent academic prospects. London is the top contender for students and the city has a wide range of opportunities and experiences. Finding student accommodation in London can be challenging, but students can be assured they’ll find the best student accommodation in the city. There are different room types ranging from private student accommodation and shared student accommodation. And if you’re looking for affordable, luxury student accommodation in London, here are some tips for students.

Types of Student Accommodation in London 

Students who wish to live in the city can find student accommodation in London easily. The type of room students choose varies depending on their budget and requirements. For first-timer students, finding the right student accommodation can be stressful. If they don’t know about the types of rooms available in the market.

  • Luxury Student Accommodation

Luxury student accommodation is rent out by purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) providers. They offer centrally located accommodation that is fashionable, comfortable & high-quality living spaces. The sophisticated, luxury student accommodation properties are built especially for university students that want exquisite amenities & properties that are a class apart.

Students can choose from different room types as well as studios & well-furnished apartments with several rooms. Luxury student accommodation providers ensure that all students reside in absolute comfort with minimal travel and commute requirements.

  • Shared Student Accommodation

PBSA providers offer a variety of accommodation types that meet the students’ budgets and needs. Shared student accommodation in London is extremely popular among students who are looking for affordable accommodation with a group of like-minded students. Shared student accommodation supplies students with their own rooms with shared spaces.

For instance, students can live in a property with several rooms, but shared spaces like bathrooms, kitchen, study & communal areas are common. Shared student accommodation in London are inclusive of all utilities and allow students to pay rent in instalments.

  • Private Student Accommodation

Private student accommodation is off-campus in London and students may be required to commute to university. PBSA companies maintained and designed properties according to the university students. Students have the comfort of their own private spaces & are provided with benefits like WiFi, on-site laundry facilities, gyms, game room, communal areas, & the utmost security.

How to Find the Best Student Accommodation in London

Student accommodation in London is in high demand for a few years. Since more international students make their way to the city, the best student accommodation is often booked earlier on & students are left with a handful of choices. Find your perfect student accommodation, where are some things to keep in mind.

  • Calculate your budget

It is vital to figure out what your monthly budget for student accommodation in London will be. Students must include all aspects of the rent, including utilities like water, electricity, gas, heating, etc. And even the security deposit and any other initial deposits they are required to pay beforehand. If affordability is a factor, you might want to consider shared student accommodation.

  • Find a room type that suits you

You can start browsing different rooms after you’ve calculated your budget. The best student accommodation for you is one that will match your budget and meet all your individual needs. Students must consider whether they’re willing to live with a group of other students. If they prefer private student accommodation. Luxury student accommodation in London is highly sought-after as students are supplied with state-of-the-art amenities that make living alone an exciting time.

Students can pick from a range of accommodation types by creating a list of facilities that they absolutely must have. Some things to consider include proximity to the university, bike storage facility, basic student accommodation amenities like WiFi, student desk, ample storage spaces, and anything else you feel is necessary.

  • Student experiences

The best student accommodation providers in London often cater to all the needs of students. This includes their need for socialising and meeting new people. Student experiences are a vital part of the university experience. Student accommodation providers in London host social events and themed parties for residents. They regularly organize workshops, excursions, competitions and more for all residents. This ensures that students living in the property feel at home and foster a sense of belonging and community with other students.

  • Study the location

You’ve shortlisted your choice of the best student accommodation in London, it’s time to research the area the property is in. Most neighbourhoods in London are super safe & convenient, but it’s important to learn more about the location. Apps like Google Earth and Google Maps are a great way to find the closest supermarkets like Tesco and Asda, restaurants and cafes, routes to campus, closest public transport, hospitals and other facilities. You can check online reviews by students to see what they have to say about the property.

  • Find a guarantor

Students moving to university often underestimate their expense requirements for renting a student accommodation. Whether you’re opting for shared & private student accommodation, all PBSA providers require students to provide a guarantor when applying for student accommodation. Guarantors are working professionals in the country who have an outstanding credit score & can cover your monthly rent expense in case you default or fail to pay it for some reason.

Without guarantors, even the best student accommodation providers do not let residents pay their rent in instalments. If you’re looking to pay your student accommodation rent in instalments, it’s best to have a guarantor in your application.

Moving to a new city is an exciting and memorable experience for all students. It is a rite of passage and students transition to adulthood and living on their own. Students can easily find the best student accommodation in London with a little research and by browsing through the different student accommodation providers.

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