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How to have a bony face?

Maybe you are one of those people who look in the mirror and feel that your face is very full and fat, maybe you have recently lost that feeling. Does your face look fuller than ever? Maybe you are one of those people who like to have a bony face.

How to have a bony face?

Not surprisingly, many people are interested in this type of face these days. Maybe a bony face is fashionable! Do not worry, what you want is not too far away. It is enough to know how to have a bony face because like all other things, there are definitely different ways to slim the face.

You can lose weight by dieting and exercising without losing weight. You can work on the facial muscles by doing some exercise to tighten the muscles. Of course, the solutions we have mentioned are fundamental to change and will take time to see results. If you want, you can make up your face and show it slimmer with the right shade, the same thing that is done to balance the actors faces.

Of course, if your facial obesity is due to being overweight all over your body, it may be best to make a firm decision and try to lose weight (generally and not locally). On the other hand, the size of our face may have a genetic origin, in which case learning how to have a bony face will not be very useful and it will seem difficult.

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Your facial obesity is probably one of these categories. I recommend you to join us and this article, we want to know how to have a bony face and to achieve this goal with conscious effort and suggested istanbul vip escort solutions.

If you have not been overweight lately, but your face looks fuller, check out the exact changes ?! Check the proportions of your face and see where your face looks fatter.

Take care of your family members. Does your face fit theirs? Do not ignore the possibility that your facial obesity may have a genetic background. There may be another reason; Many faces are plump at a young age but will get thinner over time as they get older.

Interrogate those you trust to be honest; Do they feel like you have a fleshy and large face or do they look fit?
The puffy face is different from obesity! pay attention;

Is your face fat or puffy now?

What did you eat last night? Your face may swell temporarily as a result of your diet, salty foods, lack of sleep, medication, illness, or an unusual medical condition, lack of exercise, and many other factors.
Talk to your doctor. She can help you know exactly how much fat your face should have and how well it fits! On the other hand, if you have a problem and your face has edema or swelling, your doctor can fix it for you.

Examine your posture

Pay attention to your position when you look in the mirror. Usually, if you keep your head down, you will look frowning, and this will make you look fatter. Fats in different areas of your face may change your appearance and make you look fatter by changing the position of your head. So be careful not to make a mistake.

Even standing or sitting position can make you look fatter or thinner, try to stand and sit up straight, keep your spine perfectly straight, and do not squat. If you do not know exactly what is best for you, seek help from a physiotherapist so as not to injure your body. Another point to note is that squatting prevents deep breathing and fills the lungs and abdomen with air that is vital to the body and skin, so be sure to get used to keeping your back straight when standing and sitting. you have.

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