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How to increase the storage in the kitchen

If you are like most homeowners, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. Which means that it can also be one of the messiest? One way to help combat the mess is to increase the storage in your kitchen. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.
One option is to use some of the empty wall space in your kitchen to install cabinets or shelves. This will give you additional storage space without taking up additional floor space. You can also consider installing a pantry cabinet, which can provide a lot of extra storage for dishes, pots and pans, and other kitchen items. Consider using door organizers to store small appliances if you have a small kitchen.

  1. Vertical cabinets
  2. Use for horizontal cabinets
  3. Drawer cabinets
  4. Open shelf cabinets
  5. Spin racks
  1. Vertical cabinets:

The most important thing to organize items within the cabinetry set is to look at the cabinet’s design and then store your items according to the shape. So, this will make it easier to declutter the kitchen with accessories suitable for daily use. In terms of vertical kitchen cabinets, they are concerned with using them to store vertical things like cutting boards serving trays and straight salad cutters and other long items in the cabinets. So, they make the kitchen appear messy and cluttered to keep these appliances or even bottles inside the top vertical cabinets. This way, they will be neat and safe from children living in the house.

  1. Use for horizontal cabinetry:

Horizontal cabinets are generally construct as racks that have the open-close feature. The racks are a great place to store sauces, water bottles, offices, pantries, spices, or other items for gardening in them. So, it is also possible to use them to store small kitchen towels inside. One suggestion is to roll the towel and then place it in them.

To prevent any leakage, it is recommended to put plastic sheets on the horizontal racks’ surface. This will stop liquids or water from causing damage to the cabinet’s wood. It can be helpful when arranging the bottles.

  1. Drawer cabinets:

If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to maximize your kitchen space, then drawer cabinets might be the solution. So, drawer cabinets are installed in the wall and can provide up to 40% more storage space than traditional cabinets. They also allow for greater flexibility when organizing items on shelves, as they offer more height options above the top shelf where it’s possible to put tall items like pots or pans. In addition, drawer cabinet doors can open either from left-to-right or right-to-left, depending on which side of the door one wants to be opened first.

This option is beneficial for those with small children who tend to want things opened immediately. One must not worry about storing breakable plates because these drawers have an extra deep design. So, it is possible to put iron plate stands into it to prevent any clash. Drawers of any size are readily available based on their requirements and utility.

  1. Open shelf cabinets:

The majority of kitchens are designed with open shelves. If properly used, these shelves can help arrange your kitchen effectively. If you have empty frames, ensure that you adjust your spices, pots, cups, and jars on the shelves. So, they can also be used as shelves to store small appliances without clogging the kitchen area.

Schrock cabinets with open shelves serve you with the most intriguing. You could also put some plants on the shelves for relaxation or decoration for a fresh feeling. So, if light falls on open cabinets, it adds a sense of brightness to the kitchen’s atmosphere. 

  1. Spin racks:

This is a new idea that you might not know about. So, these are wooden boards with an iron rod attach to at least two frames and the shelves turn around so they are modern and good for your kitchen. A cupboard is a cabinet for storing food. In this kitchen, it has shelves that turn around and is made of wood with iron frames. 

Drawers are good for storing things. You can put shakers, toothpicks and tissues in them. You can place the drawers inside the cabinets. They look nice with different styles of cabinets in your kitchen.


There are many ways to arrange your kitchen Schrock cabinets efficiently. Put the appropriate items in the proper spots in the appropriate direction, and you’ll have a neat kitchen to suit your lifestyle. Check out your kitchen and improve your storage now without further delay. Make it your own. It’ll not cost you anything if you give it some thought. 

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