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How to Read Thunderbird Emails in Adobe Reader with Attachments?

Summary: Are you looking for a quick way to read thunderbird emails in Adobe Reader with Attachments?  If your answered yes and are looking for a solution to the same problem, then here is the complete guide to performing this operation. Stay with u7s and read the complete article.

Nowadays, Thunderbird is one of the most usable free desktop-based email applications used by users. It has various features like multiple emails, a news feed, a newsgroup, and a free open source email application. The entire mailbox data of Thunderbird is saved in the .mbox file extension in the backend of your Thunderbird folders. Whereas PDF file is the most popular document file format. It is widely used to save document data and print Thunderbird emails in a portable format.

Method to Read Thunderbird Emails in Adobe Reader

There are multiple solutions to read emails from the Thunderbird account in Adobe Reader, some of them mention below.

Solution#1: Print a single Thunderbird document in Adobe Reader

If a user only wants to print a single message from Mozilla Thunderbird as a PDF file, use this method. Printing a single email is a very useful workaround. To use this method, the user must have a Thunderbird installation on the system with a profile configured. Following that, carry out the steps outlined below.

  • First, launch the Thunderbird application on your Windows system. Additionally, select the email that you want to import in PDF format.
  • Then, as shown in the screenshot, click the More drop-down button and select Print from the menu.

more options

  • The Print Wizard will be launched as a result of this action. Now, under the Name box, select Microsoft Print to PDF and check the Microsoft Print to PDF option. Click the OK button.

microsoft print to pdf

  • Provide a suitable name for the resulting.pdf file in the File name text box, and then click the Save button to save the outlook file.

Print PDF file

Solution #2: Print-Multiple Emails to PDF in Thunderbird

This workaround is best suited for users who need to print more than one email from Thunderbird to Portable Document Format. With the ImportExportTools add-on, it is simple to print multiple messages in.pdf format. Follow the steps below to use this method.

  • Install the aforementioned addon and restart Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Choose one or more emails from the current mailbox folder.
  • Then, go to File >> Save As. >> Save Selected Message As shown in the screenshot, PDF format

batch print

Important: Neither of the methods described above can print attachments associated with emails in Adobe PDF file format. So, in Thunderbird, use the following technique to print multiple emails to PDF with attachments.

Scenario #3: Read Multiple Emails and Attachments from Thunderbird

If the user wishes to read Thunderbird emails in Adobe Reader, Then the user needs to convert Thunderbird emails to PDF with attachments. You’ll need an automated solution for this because no manual method allows you to save mailbox data with attachments. Thunderbird Converter is an automated software that has been designed with numerous advanced features that allow you to print the entire message as well as file attachments in PDF format. This application is available for Windows operating systems.

Above all, it allows you to print Thunderbird emails as PDF documents. Setting Page Orientation, Page Size, MIME Header, and Page Layout are among the advanced options. Furthermore, with the help of this tool, the output file can be printed at any desired location.

Aside from that, the utility can work with MBOX files created in Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Opera Mail, Eudora Mail, Entourage, and other applications. In a nutshell, Software is a one-and-done solution for printing Thunderbird emails and attachments in PDF format.

Closing Thought

We discussed the various methods for batch exporting Thunderbird to PDF format in this Gallery blog. Look into various solutions and choose the required one to convert Thunderbird emails to PDF format.

Users can also use the FREE Demo of this tool. You can also try its FREE demo edition to see how effective the tool is. It allows you to convert 25 items from each folder to PDF format in order to save Thunderbird emails.

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