How to Recover Data from a Fire-Damaged Drive?

Have you ever imagined a situation that needs external hard drive data recovery from experts? What if a fire broke out? You might lose hope of recovering data from a fire-damaged hard drive. But there is a solution!

As you know it’s not easy to recover data from a hard drive. It demands data recovery services or professionals. 

In this article, we will share some data recovering solutions from a fire-damaged drive. It will help you to successfully recover your data. 

Don’t Dos Of Recovering Data From a Burnt Hard Disk

First of all, we will not suggest you recover data from half-baked knowledge. Most of the time, people want to recover drive data by hit-and-trial methods. Below we have enlisted a few points that you need to prevent.

  • Prevent implementing the data recovery software trials in burnt hard disk cases.
  • Never put your hard disk in the fridge or freezer for recovering lost data.
  • Remember, don’t dismantle your hard drive by yourself.
  • Please prevent attempts to boot a burnt hard disk.

Whatever the reason, you will face a hardware loss. However, choosing professional experts or the right data recovery center will save your confidential data. 

Recover Your Hard Disk From Fire Burnt 

Your hard disk’s nerve center 

The PCB (printed circuit board) usually stays beneath the platters on the edge of your disk. Mainly, printed circuits make a direct flow of electricity over all the parts on the board. It controls many parts of your hard drive. Furthermore, these components consist of the spindle motor. This motor spins a platter, the actuator which moves the write/read arm. Also, the arm moves its head across the platter to retrieve or store documents.

Does it sound challenging? Let us clarify. The main idea is that the circuits on the board usually carry current over all the parts of the hard drive that demand power. Afterward, those drive parts utilise power to take out commands given by your laptop or computer. When a printed circuit board malfunctions or damages, the hard disk does not work well and sometimes stops operating together. 

Recovery depends on damage extent

A printed circuit board is not only one reason for fire damage. It is also important to consider the time when a hard disk is exposed to very high temperatures. The extreme fire heat can affect the ROM and the PCBs controller chip.

The hard disk PCBs consist of a form read-only memory (ROM) device. Mainly it includes specific data which controls access to the hard disk system. A disk can’t function without it.

When the damage on the ROM chip is severe, your disk will not recover. However, the right tools allow recovery of badly damaged ROM chips and  PCB.

Data rescue from flames

PCB or platter damage is one of the worst data loss cases. The repair demands the damaged ROM and PCB chips for data retrievable. However, it is the start of a complex procedure.

If a fire burnt hard disk has been cleaned well and the damaged parts are restored, then data can be extracted manually. The external hard drive data recovery has many custom-built and proprietary utilities for such severe situations.

You need to know that each data loss case is different! 

DIY For Hard Disk Burnt Repair

Here we have written a step-by-step guide to recover data from a hard disk. Check it out!

First, connect the damaged hard disk to a working computer.

  • When a hard disk is external, connect it through a USB port.
  • But if it is internal, remove it from the computer and insert it in an HDD enclosure. After that, start connecting to a computer through a USB port.
  • If the case is, you can access the damaged hard disk, then start copying data. It will decrease the risk of data loss.
  • Now remove the burnt disk safely from your computer.
  • Further, you may hire a data recovery centre for help.

Note: You can follow the DIY procedure to save data from the burnt disk, but recovery should be well-equipped or by experts. So, be careful when choosing a DIY process. 

Checklist To Save A Hard Disk From Burnt

  • Always shut down your laptop or computer and disconnect the hard disk.
  • Make a regular check on the CPU fan.
  • Take the overheating problem seriously.
  • Timely unclog all the vents blocking in your PC.
  • Place your device in a cool place and away from most heating surroundings.
  • Prevent your hard disk from moisture because it leads to short circuits.

Final Words 

It’s always better to take prevention than cure!

If you are looking for hard disk data recovery in Singapore, then this guide will help you. We hope you have learned a few important things that help in recovering hard disk fire damage.

Are you still confused? Reach out to a professional data recovery centre for help. Don’t forget a wrong decision leads to major data loss.

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