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Do you see yourself persistently overthinking when you ought to be relaxing? Do you always experience your mind wandering and never seem to be calm? You aren’t alone in this! I will be helping you discover meditation to stop overthinking in this article. Remain glued to your screen as I take you through.

When you are an overthinker, your mind is continuously on the go and may not seem to turn off, thinking through the same condition over and over again, many things you could have changed, done, said or even things capable of occurring in the future. An overthinking mind doesn’t rest or come to calm.

Overthinkers do not live in the moment as they worry too much about things. Sometimes they worry about the next day or what’s going to take place in a few minutes rather than live in the present. Overthinking can rob you of your present moment and can even leave you drained of energy and excitement.

Here are some mediation tips to get through overthinking.

  • Maintain A Steady Schedule

Meditation is a learned skill that with consistency in practice and patience is perfected. Maintaining a steady schedule prepares your mind to understand that a particular time of the day (your devoted time) means a relaxation time.

But then, this doesn’t imply being hard with your meditation practice.  Meditation does not necessarily mean following instructions, rather it is doing that which feels good and right to the person practicing.

Discover the appropriate time out of your day to meditate and adhere to it each day.

  • Have A Dedicated Space For Meditation

As an overthinker, you do not need to practice meditation encompassed by hotchpotch, kids, or laundry. You need to have a serene and devoted space to meditate. You can set a specific room in your home for meditation, and you can also make use of whatever thing which helps you relax and get comfortable such as a specific chair or a mat, lighting, and an incense burner, etc. Practicing often will help bring meditation into your life.

  • Begin With Some Breath work

Practicing breath work, in the beginning, is a good way to calm your mind. Various meditation techniques places focus on breathing. When we are restless and stressed, our breathing becomes unsteady and swift but then, controlled breathing can help us achieve much slower breathing.

If your mind is occupied with errant thoughts during meditation, breath work can assist you in restoring focus on your breathing other than on your thoughts.

  • Yoga Before You Meditate

Yoga practice before meditation can assist you to get in the meditative mind frame. Movement and breathe focusing yoga can assist in ameliorating stress and enhancing attention. Yoga can also ease some physical aches that one might concentrate on during meditation.

  • Meditate With Others (group)

An overthinker may find it uncomfortable practicing meditation alone as may be the case with some persons. There’s a benefit attached to group meditation. Group meditation may broaden your knowledge of meditation and experience.

Understanding that you’re not alone in the quest to discover peace for your mind can assist you to relax. Meditation is all about discovering peace. And if you find this peace amongst others, very well for you then!

  • Meditate With A Guide

Supposing you’re uncomfortable practicing yoga with a group or alone still, you can use pre-recorded guided meditation obtainable online. Guided meditation is helpful just as meditation classes are.

Guided meditation can help relieve anxiety, reduce stress, promote relaxation, reduce heart rate and boost mood. You can also access meditation apps to discover guided meditations to help you relax and Calm your mind.


Below are helpful steps you can use to practice meditation to stop overthinking:

Step 1: in a quiet room, sit comfortably. Take three long deep breaths in and out. On each exhale, endeavor to relax your body and release the stress.

Step 2: Having relaxed your body, you work on your mind by practicing self-talk. When thoughts arise instead of keeping them, release them with

” I know that, I have a lot of things to reckon but at this instant, am just going to breathe and relax.”

You can consider your mantra or phrase.

Step 3: The next step involves letting the thoughts in and letting them go. You mustn’t grant them access to remain in your mind. Take note of them but let go of them. If your thoughts refuse to go away, take a breath and place your focus back on your breathing.

Step 4: When your mind is still and without arrant thoughts. Gently bring your focus to your breathing. With little deep inhales and exhales, restore yourself to the moment and gently open your eyes.

With these few steps, you can stop overthinking. I hope this article benefits you well.

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