How to take care of your wooden furniture during monsoon?

Furniture stores in India, Cleaning and dusting wooden furniture is a daily task to keep it in good condition, but the rainy season necessitates a little extra attention. Humidity and moisture are created in the environment during the rainy season, and wooden furniture is highly impacted by humidity and moisture.

If wooden furniture is exposed to humidity, moisture, or dampness, it is prone to swelling and the development of fungus. In general, during the monsoon or rainy season, our wooden doors become tighter, and this is a fairly common problem with wooden furniture top brands India.

Following are the simple tips to keep your furniture safe in rainy season.

Reduce the amount of moisture in the air around your furniture

Even in the monsoons, moisture control should be the first method of allowing your furniture to breathe in fresh air. Fans and air conditioners should be turned on during mopping schedules to keep the interiors of homes and offices dry and airy. Another efficient way to reduce moisture is to temporarily position furniture near air conditioners in separate rooms.

Maintain a Safe Distance Between Your Wooden Furniture and the Walls

Even if there are no visible leaks, damp walls are bad for your furnishings. So keep wooden showcase units, wooden bookshelves, mattresses, wardrobes, and other similar furniture away from the walls. To stay safe, keep some distance between the furniture and the walls, especially the wooden furniture to buy online in India in the bedroom and living room.

Purchase a high-quality lacquer coat

The conventional furniture care methods of lubricating, varnishing, and waxing have been and continue to be popular. Wood swelling during the wet season is a common issue that is normally addressed with routine lubrication. A yearly investment in a high-quality lacquer coat, on the other hand, is unquestionably the most efficient cure for preventing wood swelling. Fills in pores on the wood and provides a desirable finish with a coat that matches the original polish of the furniture.

Keep furniture items oil and waxed

Wooden furniture swells up during the monsoon season due to absorption of moisture. Swelling of the wood is prevented by oiling, waxing, varnishing, or lubricating the furniture. Spraying wax oil can improve the appearance of wooden furniture and provide a desirable finish.

Dry-cleaning is the way to go

Using a wet towel to clean sofa sets and other wooden furniture is a no during the rainy season. Cleaning using a dry cloth eliminates the possibility of dust buildup on a wet surface and subsequent mould growth. A vacuum cleaner is also a good choice for regular cleaning because it prevents fungus growth on wood. Cleaning sprays should be avoided as well.

The key is disinfection

In the case of wooden flooring, which is uncommon in Indian homes, polishing or waxing is the key to preventing warps. This technique also works wonders on wooden staircases, which are prevalent in bungalows. For protection from monsoon-driven humidity and moisture, such flooring only needs to be disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis.

Try your hand at making your own water absorbents

Camphor balls can also be used to protect wooden furniture. Camphor balls are inexpensive and effective water absorbents. Keep them in your closets, amongst your clothes, on the shelves of your showcase unit. Termites can also be kept at bay by using camphor during the monsoon season.

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