How to Transfer Outlook Mac OLM Files to Apple Mail/Mac Mail ?

Users face different situations where they tend to Import their bulk of Mac Outlook files to Mac Mail. The reasons behind the conversion could be many. The user might want to shift to Apple Mail and make it their default email client. Or the user’s parent email client, i.e., Outlook may have been uninstalled. Therefore, now the user wants to access its important OLM files which contain some of the crucial emails the user. Thus, the user then needs to Import OLM files to Mac Mail to access the data in Apple Mail.

Also, some of the users are now more comfortable with Apple Mail as compared to any other email client. Therefore, they immediately tend to shift to Mac Mail for this purpose also.

Know the Crux of the OLM & Mac Mail in this section!

OLM file format is created and developed by Microsoft Outlook, the users who have been using Outlook may have the bulk of OLM files stored on their local storage. The files may contain some of the important information of the user’s email client and thus, if Outlook is missing from the local storage, then it would be very difficult to even access the OLM file data. On the other hand, Apple Mail is a default email client available on Mac System. And therefore, only Mac users tend to use it for their daily communication purposes.

OLM file stores the user’s information like email messages, contacts, calendars, journals, notes, etc. Mac Mail offers advanced features to the users and stores the data in MBOX file format, which is one of the oldest file formats. Also, the MBOX file can be accessed on 20+ email clients including, Thunderbird, Gmail, etc.

Also, try out the best OLM to CSV Converter to export Outlook Contacts to *.csv format instantly.

The Robust Toolkit for Smart People!

Though there are tons of methods available on the internet where the users can complete the import procedure for free (Manual Method). But the Manual Method comes with various loopholes and limitations like the method doesn’t guarantee a 100% success rate, the user might end up in failure, also, the Method may put the user’s data at risk. Therefore, we always want the best for our users, thus, the user should go for a third-party tool.

The software OLM Converter for Mac is one of the best and most trusted tools to Import OLM files to Mac Mail directly. The toolkit not only guarantees the users 100% safety and security but also produces accurate results as soon as the user uploads the OLM files for conversion. Here we will list down some of the general features of the utility.

The application comes with a user-friendly interface with a coherent GUI that not only enables the smooth functioning of the tool with effective results but also lets the users interact with the software in a friendly manner. Even novice users can operate the software without any technical assistance, thus, the tool is perfect for the users.

The software responds to the user’s command instantly. As soon as the user uploads the OLM file to the software, the tool produces and delivers accurate results within a minute only. The tool is perfectly reliable and prevents the user’s data from any loss.

The Marvellous Traits of the Software

Here are some of the unique and distinctive features of the tool listed below: –

  • The software comes with a dual option to upload the OLM files in the software. Either the user can go for the bulk conversion or they can directly opt for a selective.
  • The application offers flexible options to even choose the destination location and file naming convention of the resultant file.
  • The toolkit comes with a user-friendly interface and produces 100% accurate results.
  • The wizard preserves and maintains the OLM file’s hierarchy during and after the procedure.

Final Words

The blog highlights and provides the users with the direct technique without any delay. This toolkit not only the users with the flexible options for the resultant file. Along with guarantees 100% safety and security to the users. The software preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy during and after the procedure. The application supports all the latest versions of Mac OS. Also, imports 25 OLM files to Mac Mail for free in its trial version.

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