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How to use Netflix Party for movie nights with friends?

Home parties are no longer reserved for inclement weather. Even though nobody actually requested it, the year 2020 transformed it into a legitimate societal engagement. It also doesn’t resemble a pool party or a group of pals performing karaoke at your house. All of the contemporary house parties are online.

If VR technology had become widely used prior to the epidemic, we would be a little happy today. But until then, we need to come up with a more authentic way to communicate with our loved ones. The first thing that springs to mind is Zoom gatherings. You might also try Netflix Party when you’re done speaking and toasting into your Mac’s camera.

What’s a Netflix Party?

In a word, Netflix Party is the ability to watch Netflix with friends while having a synchronized playback and group conversation. Anyone with a current Netflix membership can utilize the service because it operates as a free Chrome plugin. On desktop or laptop computers, Chrome browsers are the only ones that support Netflix Party. However, the good news is that you can view it on a large screen. You can skip to the article’s conclusion to find out the ideal big-screen method for Mac users.

Before beginning a Netflix party, you should get ready for a few things:

  • Promote Netflix. All of your invited friends will be required to log in using their individual Netflix accounts. Therefore, make sure everyone is signed up before choosing the movie by conducting a short poll. Keep in mind that while a Netflix subscription that is active can be shared across six devices, only two streams can be active at once.
  • Select the person in charge of playback. The only person allowed to fast forward and rewind is up to the host. Unless the host chooses this option, playback control will be available to every invitee. However, this can result in you taking too many stops to replenish your popcorn.
  • Establish ground rules for group talking. You can personalize the conversation on Netflix Party by using user icons and your own aliases. Make the most of this chance to have fun! To express yourself in the discussion, you can also submit GIFs, emoticons, and even screenshots.

You can watch Netflix together online for hours because shared viewing has no time restrictions, even if that means watching 10 consecutive episodes of Tiger King (real-life example here). You can all share the same Netflix moments and have in-person discussions about them thanks to Netflix Party, which syncs the HD version of the movie or TV show you’re viewing. The Netflix Party Chrome addon does not place any limitations on the number of users who can watch Netflix simultaneously. You don’t need to worry about this, according to some reports, because a host may invite up to 5 million guests.

How to watch Netflix together with Netflix Party?

You can start the party in a matter of seconds, which is a major advantage of quarantine entertainment, let’s face it. It’s significantly simpler to sign up with an invite link. Allow us to walk you through the simple setup procedure.

  1. How to Host a Netflix Party on a Mac is as follows
  2. Download Netflix Party from the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Chrome add-on
  4. Use Chrome to access Netflix
  5. Select the programme or film you wish to watch and click “Play.”
  6. Next to the address bar, select the red “NP” button.
  7. If you want to control playback, select “Only I have control.” Otherwise, everyone invited will be allowed to fast-forward and rewind.
  8. Press “Start the party.”
  9. Share the URL with your friends by copying it.

Is Netflix Party safe?

People don’t like to share their personal information, much like Joey doesn’t like to share food. As a Chrome addon, Netflix Party has a poor aesthetic by design. Many users are unsure whether it’s safe to utilise Netflix Party because Chrome add-ons are frequently used to exploit dangerous code. We don’t know, is the succinct response. However, there are a few things you may do to be safe.

First off, you should be aware that Netflix Party is an unofficial, third-party Google Chrome add-on that is available for free. Yes, Netflix will not accept responsibility for it. Therefore, we advise you to review their Privacy Policy here prior to installing the NP extension. Here are the main conclusions:

  • Ask your friends not to distribute the link in any public forums. No password is required, but anyone who has the URL can access your Netflix Party.
  • Put safeguards in place for children. According to Netflix Party’s privacy policy, users must be 13 or older. Therefore, if you have a younger child who has access to Netflix, make sure you have parental controls activated.
  • Allow the tracking to continue. The unpalatable fact is that Netflix Party makes use of tracking cookies to monitor your web usage. There is no method to turn off the tracking because the service doesn’t adhere to the well-known “Do Not Track” function. If you’re okay with targeted advertisements, it’s not a big deal.


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