Important Features and Uses of Kraft Boxes [A Quick Guide for Beginners]

The versatility of the Kraft Box has revolutionized the world. As regards the packaging of so many different products, they have greatly facilitated our lives. Despite the many cardboard boxes available nowadays, people prefer Kraft boxes to cardboard for many reasons.

Firstly, they are both eco-friendly and user-friendly because they are made from excellent pine wood. These all boxes are hence easy to recycle. Secondly, they are strong enough to withstand the weight of the product or products inside them. In addition, pine pulp is essential to the production of quality boxes.

Among different types of packaging box solutions, the use of Kraft boxes is something that is getting extremely popular. You can find its enormous use in different brands and industries. It is best to use for the ultimate protection of the product against any crack or damage. Right through this guide, we will have a detailed discussion about the major features and important uses of the Kraft packaging box. We will also highlight the facts on how you can use it.

Characteristics of Kraft Packaging Boxes

Before buying the packaging boxes, you should familiarize yourself with a few of their main features which are:

  • Resistance

Due to their excellent resistance, these boxes are trendy. Businesses and customers alike recommend them. It is a particular type of material that can somehow easily withstand all kinds of pressure. A corrugate layering can be add-up, ensuring more strength and sturdiness.

Personalized Kraft boxes are popular with most businesses because they are recyclable and eco-friendly at the same time. Additionally, they have the essential property of being biodegradable. Due to this, they can withstand adverse climate conditions. This includes with humidity, moisture, shocks, and excessive heat. They are helpful to protect items within them. Plus, they keep the itsme intact and safe from damage.

  • Available in a Variety of Designs

Their designs are also flexible, which makes them unique. They can be shape or and can be size up however you are free to choose. They can meet the packaging needs of both businesses and homes.

Custom Kraft packaging boxes can be oval, square, or rectangular. In addition, you can have them customized into different shapes and designs if you wish. You can store items of any form inside of them by doing so.

A personalized experience means being economical, effective, efficient, and faster with the customer. Print-friendliness is one of the most significant benefits of Kraft boxes.

The cards can be print up and customize with a variety of patterns or adorn them with stickers, stamps, ribbons, etc.

  • Serving a range of packaging needs

Kraft boxes are best to use for packaging bakery items. You can also use it for jewelry and gift boxes or for packaging perfume. They are the best used for packaging cosmetic packs, clothing boxes, soapboxes, display boxes, and far more.

Furthermore, you can purchase window boxes, flip-top boxes, sleeve boxes, top open boxes, among others. You can also have them in different shapes to entice customers. Potential buyers will see what the product looks like even before they open it. For a better display, you can also add the box with die-cut windows.

  • Boxes Kraft Packaging Used to Package Gifts

You can personalize the boxes to give them a unique touch as gift giveaways. You can choose to use them for any occasion, whether it is your birthday or as a wedding gift.

Festivities, events, or other upcoming celebrations can be added up with customized Kraft packaging boxes. Therefore, regardless of the occasion, you can use them as gift boxes for any event. These are perfect as well as wedding showers, Easter, Christmas, or other religious celebrations.

Furthermore, they are not age or gender-biased, which means that they are an ideal gift for people of all ages.

  • Customizations are Flexible

You can customize these custom boxes in any way you like. Gloss or matte finishes are available and spot UV, embossing, and debossing. You can embellish them with embellishments of your choice and choose from any coating.

You should consider a packaging company that offers the best options of customizations at an affordable price. Find the one which is yet reliable in your area. These boxes are the best approach to let your brand be the noticeable one in market.

In addition to lithographic and digital printing options, custom Kraft boxes can be add with artwork of screen-printing as well.

Boxes will also serve as marketing tools by printing details on the box surface. You can communicate directly with your customers quickly and affordably when you print over Kraft boxes. Nevertheless, it is even possible through the electronic or the social media.

How to use Kraft Box Packaging for Food Products?

Food items are best add up into packaging through Kraft boxes. Therefore, these food boxes are available into sturdy materials in different shapes or sizes.

They come with handles that yet allow them to transport the items much easily. These boxes are available best to use for packaging cakes, as well as pastries, cupcakes, macaroons, and bakeries.

Further, these boxes can hold weight quickly. But they are best to pack lunch for your children, husband, and even yourself. Some restaurants prefer to use these customized boxes as well. In addition to packaging food efficiently, these boxes help customers handle the food quickly. Moreover, they help promote your product and brand in the market.

It would help if you did not overlook the importance of lamination. Lamination coats help maintain and extend the life of custom printed boxes. Today, consumers have various packaging options. Choose the one that suits your needs. For lamination, there are various options, including matte, gloss, spot UV, aqueous and semi-gloss AQ. Get one of them because they give your boxes an excellent finishing touch.


Making a statement by using Kraft Boxes for giveaways is the best way to give gifts or make a statement. These boxes make perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, and other occasions. They can be customized up to fit any upcoming festival, event, or celebration.

You can, therefore, theme and scheme any event. A religious event could be any special occasion such as Christmas, Easter, the New Year, or a birthday. Corporate parties could also use them for favor boxes. They can therefore be best used as gifts for both young and old.

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