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In 2022, these are the most common computer viruses you should be aware of

Virus is a phrase familiar to anybody who has ever used a computer or personal computer. The virus is only a harmful file that slows down the computer by interfering with its normal processes.

In addition to slowing down your computer. Duplicating data and becoming a vector for malware are also bad for its health.

In 2020, the most prevalent and potentially destructive computer viruses are those we’ve outlined.

(1) Code Red

This was yet another kind of computer virus, and it caused widespread destruction all across the world at once. There is a backstory to the virus’s moniker as well.

code red

The flaw was uncovered by workers at the two eyes digital security firm. When the virus was first discovered, it was given the code name “code red”. Code crimson mountain dew was what they were chugging down.

Simply put, what does it mean when the sirens sound?

On July 15, 2001, an Internet worm identified as Code Red made its debut. Attacked machines have to be running Microsoft’s IIS web server. When the Code Red worm was found exploiting a vulnerability disclosed by Riley Hassell. Visit to analyze more about the code red virus. It was detected and studied by eEye Digital Security professionals Marc Maiffret and Ryan Permeh.

That malware was merely 3,569 bytes in length. However, once infected, they immediately begin their operation. Which includes making copies of files throughout your PC’s storage media.

It not only allows unauthorized access to the server but also fills the whole disc with copies of files. The infected machine provides the Hacker with a backdoor into the system.

In the end, it causes the PC to fail and disturb its functionality.

About 1-2 million computers were compromised. And the resulting damage is estimated to be over $2 billion.

Just how did this Code Red virus begin to spread? The Message HACKED BY CHINESE is left in the message. If you see this warning, you can safely delete all of your data and start over.

(2) Melissa

The Florida dancer who inspired the term. In 1999, David l. Smith came up with it. A malicious Word file had been uploaded to the newsgroup.

Melissa, also known as Kwyjibo or Kwejeebo, was a computer virus. That affected 20% of the world’s computers in the 1990s.

That list of pornographic site passwords, it stated. Seeing this makes people excited, so they download it.

After opening a document infected with Melissa virus. The victim’s address book will be flooded with the identical document from the first 50 people in their address book. Thanks to embedded macros.

This may enhance the mail traffic and occasionally it will infect the afflicted PC. In most cases, it prevents the computer from functioning normally and even causes permanent harm.

Smith was apprehended by the FBI after tracking down the document. And he subsequently assisted the agency in apprehending similar virus authors.

Even though the damage was estimated to be in the range of eighty million dollars. He was only sentenced to twenty months in prison and made to pay a fine of five thousand dollars.

(3) Sasser

Sasser is a computer virus that causes similar problems to those caused by similar viruses. This windows virus was initially found in 2004.

Steven Jascha, a student of science, came up with it. The computer’s processing speed is slowed and its capabilities are diminished.

It can also infect other computers when it comes into contact with them online.

To fix this, a new update has been made available. Despite the availability of the update, thousands of machines still have not been brought up to date.

The end effect was that the malware infected millions of machines across sectors. As diverse as airlines, news companies, public transportation, and hospitals. Damages are expected to exceed $18 billion.

(4) Zeus

What we had here was a Trojan horse. Windows PCs will be compromised. The major topic of this viral code is to steal the credentials. Such login id and passwords of huge international organizations. Like Twitter, Amazon, Oracle, a Bank of America etc.

computer virus

More than a quarter of all PCs in the United States are impacted. Over a million systems were infected. Over seventy million records were taken, according to the report.

As a result of this operation, over a hundred persons were taken into custody.

After this Trojan was installed on your computer, all of your sensitive information. Including usernames and passwords, was transmitted to unauthorized individuals. They may get access to all of your personal information and financial resources.

(5) Conficker

This virus was also referred to by the moniker down up. Computer OS vulnerabilities were exploited to generate this botnet.

Just what is this mysterious Botnet?

A botnet is a collection of programs that work together to harm a system, server, client, or network.

Individuals’ financial data, passwords, and even identities might be compromise. Because of its network connectivity, it can spread to other computers.

Over 9 million computers throughout the world have been infected by this malware.

This malware primarily aims to infiltrate government and corporate networks. In order to steal sensitive information and personal photographs.

An extremely large worm infestation, perhaps the largest ever. Damages are estimated to be around $9 billion.

As a result, the virus may be install without the intervention of an administrator.


Better Internet security suites should be install in PCs to protect them from malicious software. System administrators should prioritize keeping their software up-to-date with the latest updates.

Before putting any new program on your computer, you should read the license agreement. The aforementioned 2020 Computer Viruses that are Common are really perilous.

Rest certain that the hacker’s database no longer contains them. However, hackers are utilizing these infections to compromise government systems.

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