iPhone Service – Is the iPhone scattered?

FixiPhone Finland – Your authorized iPhone service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

FixiPhone Finland is the largest Apple-authorized service provider to which Apple supplies original monitors. They can fix your phone both under warranty and out of it, no matter where you purchased or serviced it before.

iPhone huolto Vaasa- Puhelimen korjaus Vaasa. Iphone huolto ja korjaus ammattitaidolla edulliseen hintaan

You can expect to receive a service estimate when you import your phone, and we will keep in touch throughout the entire process.

We’re here to take care of you. Our batteries and screens replacement policies mean that even if your device is in need, we can get it done while waiting for a technician or restoring files from backup.

If your phone is wet or badly damaged, don’t worry! We’ll give you a low-cost replacement so that the same warranty and serviceability as the original device.

iPhone Screen Replacement Service With FixiPhone from manufacturer

We’ll fix your broken screen with an original Apple part, and if that doesn’t do it for you then we can replace the entire device according to our price list.

The iPhone is a popular phone to fix because of its screens. iPhones can be repaired in about an hour at FixiPhone offices, depending on the model and how much work needs to be done before it’s ready for pickup or shipping out again.

You might think that changing the screen on your phone is a quick and easy repair. However, you should always check for instructions first because it can take up 3-4 days before they send out anyone to fix this problem (if available). You also have the option of renting equipment during maintenance time if there are no technicians at home.

What do you want to know? We’re here for ya! If something is bothering you or worrying and can’t find an answer on our website, feel free to call us up – no matter what time of day it may be.

Sometimes people sleep during these times but rest assured that someone will take care (or at least try) their best not just because they said so but also out of respect towards YOU as a customer service representative who could’ve had a bad experience before due to lack decent assistance when needed most.

Do I need to set aside time for the repair?

Hey, you! If your phone needs repairing and can’t seem to find a repair shop nearby then we’ve got just what’s right for ya. Almost all of our spare parts are located on hand so if there was ever an issue with any repairs being done request them straight away without having too far out track their location which will help save time in getting things taken care of once again.

We are here to make your life easier! Contact us if you need any of these brands done quickly and efficiently.

We have the most efficient repair service for your phone. We can do everything from changing screens and batteries to fixing water damage in less than an hour! If you need a quick fix or want our top-of-the-line equipment on hand we’ll be happy to give it a 1 – 3 days turnaround time so that way there won’t be any delays with getting back into contact again.

Can I mail my device to you for service?

You can get your device repaired and shipped for free through the Post Office! Send us a note to say that you want this as a return, then we’ll take care of everything from shipping costs down right away so there is no wait time on those repairs.

We repair iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, and Huawei

Drop-in Phone Repair

If your phone needs servicing, you can appointment with one of our technicians to book an immediate time slot. Our fast turnaround means there’s no need for long repairs.

Don’t have the time or opportunity to arrive at one of our locations?

It’s easy to get the fix you need for your device with just a few clicks.

12 Month Warranty

We provide a 12-month performance guarantee on all our products and will make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

Allow Time For Repair

We know that sometimes life gets in the way and we can’t get to one of our scheduled workshops. That’s why you should try out “drop-in” fixes! We will come to fix your appliance or plumbing issue on-site at any time, day or night if needed – just like a regular service call but cheaper (and without having an appointment)

iPhone korjaus palvelu lähes maan joka kolkassa – iPhone puhelimen näytön vaihto ja akun vaihto erittäin laadukkailla varaosilla

Buy Spare Parts and Accessories for Your iPhone

Spare parts for iPhone and iPad.

Want to fix your iPhone or iPad yourself? We have high-quality spare parts and tools for the job.

Accessories for iPhone and iPad

We have all the accessories you need for your mobile phone, and we’re confident that our prices will beat any Hong Kong store. We only sell high-quality products from Swedish suppliers so they don’t harm anyone else’s health or environment along with yours.

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