Is a D Color Flawless Diamond Worth the Price?

Buying a D color diamond jewelry online in India is a dream. Consider this: you’re looking for engagement rings for women online in India. Don’t you know which one to pick as all diamonds look the same, right?

Well, it’s not that simple to find the best diamond rings. You might think that they look the same, but there are differences in style, cut, and color. Right now, the literacy about perfectly cut diamonds is not that great. Very few understand which diamonds shine the brightest. 

A D color diamond is the best-looking diamond of them all. If you’re a newbie, you might not know that a D color diamond features among the best diamond jewelry designs. It is sleek, shiny, and transparent, allowing the light to pass through without any interference. 

Let’s understand what makes a D color diamond so different from other diamond jewelry designs. 

What is a flawless D color diamond?

The one factor that decides the quality of the diamond is the color grade. Diamond rings are usually checked by gemologists under certain conditions, as there can be a difference in standard lighting. The color grade can also 

help decide the authenticity of the diamonds. 


What is a D color diamond? Well, it is a diamond more chemically pure than other diamonds. D color diamonds have lesser traces of elements in their atomic structure as opposed to others. For instance, one type of D color diamond, Ila, has negligible traces of nitrogen. These are very rare and often land up in the pockets of diamond collectors.


However, most diamond jewelry shops sell the type ‘la.’ Its atomic structure contains some trace of nitrogen, which can affect the color of the diamond. Nitrogen absorbs the blue wavelengths of light and can impart a yellow tint to the diamond.


A D color diamond is also rare to find. While all diamonds appear colorless, a  color diamond is more pristine. It has no visible grade of color and is one of the most prized possessions in the world. Any diamond color grade begins from D and ends with Z. D represents the most colorless. You might find subtle color changes such as yellow or brown shades as you move to the letter Z.


Why D color diamonds are worth so much

If you’re a connoisseur of diamond rings, you might know that they burn the bank balance very fast. D color diamonds are a class apart and therefore worth a premium.

A D color diamond is an investment, costlier than your average diamond. It is the highest grade and appears colorless to the naked eye. D color diamonds form a very small percentage out of all the diamonds in the world. As economics teaches us, the rarer a commodity, the costlier it can be. 


It is no strange thing, then, that D color diamonds are worth so much. Diamonds are already expensive, but D-color diamonds are a cut above the rest. 


The bottom line: is a D color diamond worth its price?

To conclude, is a D color flawless diamond worth the price? Firstly, that depends on your bank balance. If you’re thinking of buying  color diamonds online, then you should know they are not budget-friendly. 


There is no glaring difference between a regular diamond and D color diamond. The common person won’t be able to see any difference, and only a gemologist can understand its real worth. You might ask, then what’s the point of investing in  color diamonds? It is the price you pay for holding a rare commodity in your hand. It is a status symbol unlike any other, and that in itself should be enough to convince you to get it for your fiance.


You have to pay the premium price to have a this diamond in your possession. However, it is a price worth paying when you consider how rare it is. If you buy D color diamonds, you own some of the rarest treasures in the world. That in itself puts you in a class above from the rest. 


Diamonds are everybody’s best friend, the one classy statement piece to make you stand out in a crowd. It is a flawless piece of rock crafted with precision to give you the best-looking diamond ever. D color diamonds will give you that extra oomph factor wherever you go.


Social media caption: Diamonds are never out of fashion, but what are people dying to buy these  color diamonds?  color diamonds are god-tier among diamonds. It is why you pay significantly more for them. Are they worth the price? Let’s find out.

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