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Is RIWAY International has a strong management team?

Behind every product or service is a team of specialists who have years of industry experience.

This ensures that every RIWAY project is approached with the dedication and diligence necessary to ensure its success.

From real estate sales to commercial development, RIWAY has found success in each field.

They’ve aimed for due to their exemplary attention to detail, unyielding determination, and continued commitment. To grow as a company by mastering new skills along the way. In this blog we will look at Is RIWAY International has a strong management team?

RIWAY has established in Singapore

RIWAY has established its base in Singapore and is committed to successful expansion.

As of today, we have already started to grow throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Hong Kong.

Our development will continue as we plan to expand into more Asian countries.

RIWAY’s mission

RiWAY’s mission is to lead people on a path of gratitude, with one foot after the other in a never-ending journey to success.

To achieve this overarching goal, RIWAY will provide us with an unlimited number of inspirational tools that help us see life at its full potential!

It all starts with determination, gratitude, and a strong will. With those ingredients in place.

You may be surprised by how easy your path to success is. Becomes as we at RIWAY guarantee that as long as you follow our formula. Stay focused on your goals and remain diligent you should make it in no time at all!

RIWAY’s philosophy is to help others achieve their goals and dreams by leading fulfilling lives.

Should one follow the pace set, it’s important to possess a strong will as well a great sense of gratitude that helps you succeed.

RIWAY’s mission

Mr. Lim Boon Hong

RIWAY International Chief Executive Officer

At RIWAY, we uphold the intent of our founder Mr. Lim Boon Hong from the very beginning in pursuing a positive culture that will allow everyone to lead Righteous Life.

With his keen business acumen and excellent management abilities, Mr. Lim goes above and beyond to make sure RIWAY stays ahead of its competitors and always positions itself at the forefront of the industry with a determined conviction as he sets his sights on taking the brand global so that everyone could have the best opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary life of joy and prosperity.

The vision Mr. Lim had all along was to create a direct-selling business based on the proper principles of building a happy and healthy work environment.

Where every one of his representatives may be spiritually and mentally sound. With his thorough knowledge of business processes and excellent management skills.

Mr. Lim continually seeks to optimize methodologies and processes to provide the best leadership possible – which only proves his strong sense of convictions as he sets his sights on the international stage.

Now that everyone can experience extraordinary freedom, we expect nothing less than success in this new global adventure.

RIWAY International Chief Executive Officer

Names of RIWAY International management team

Dato’ Kenny Wong

Dato’ Kenny Wong RIWAY International Senior Director RIWAY is a supplier of household and personal care products.

He was appointed as the Chief Development Officer with entrepreneurial experience. Dato’ Wong directs all marketing, sales, and business development for RIWAY in 9 countries.

As a RIWAY Senior Director, you will gain the ability to help manage the growing demands of other individuals who work under the company RIWAY.

You may also have to get on-site and assist in some in-person consultations with distributors along with their team members depending on your expertise.

It might be a lot of responsibility but you’re also slated to get some great rewards such as more bonuses!

Claudia Ong

The Chief Marketing Officer of RIWAY International, Claudia Ong is a friendly and outgoing lady who is currently working on improving the branch’s training facilities.

With an analytical mind, she spends most of her time studying LiveOps’ software as well as reading up on new industry trends for tips to manage her business better. She doesn’t like wasting time which explains why she blends into any crowd so easily!

Ivy See

Ivy See works as RIWAY International’s Chief Operations Officer, she helps ensure smooth operations for all branches and assist in the procurement of incidentals.

Ted Tan

Ted Tan, RIWAY Taiwan’s Chief Training Officer, oversees the development, delivery, and management of all training programs for distributors in the Greater China region.

He provides comprehensive training materials across multiple platforms like online videos and local classes to support the growth of each business.

Hoya Hu

Hoya Hu is the Chief Establishment Officer of RIWAY International. As CHEO, Hoya Hu is instrumental in conducting research and development on markets and products. She’s also responsible for planning and execution of market expansion.

Rachel Ong

Rachel is the CFO at Railway International. She ensures that all financial accounts are properly managed. There are no uncovered gaps in expenditure and financial reporting complies with regulations.

Edwin Ho

Edwin Ho is the Chief Compliance Officer of RIWAY International where he is in charge of a team that regularly checks for breaches to ensure the company’s best interest.

Cherie Wong

RIWAY International Deputy

Chief Marketing Officer (Creative)

Lim Li Kuan

RIWAY International Deputy

Chief Marketing Officer (Public Relations)

Howie Soong

RIWAY International Deputy

Chief Development Officer

Idran Soh

RIWAY International Deputy

Chief Development Officer

Ellie Teoh

RIWAY International Deputy

Chief Operations Officer (Information)

Yeo Chin Yong

RIWAY International Deputy

Chief Operations Officer (Procedural)

Rey Chan

RIWAY International Deputy

Chief Operations Officer (Distribution)

I hope after reading this blog Is RIWAY International has a strong management team? You will understand that. For more information about health visit our website.

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