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Is there a Way to Geo-Spoof your Location to a New One?

What do you understand by geo-spoofing? Do you think it’s the same as GPS location tracking? No, it isn’t. What it actually means is to hide your current or physical location.

For starters, if online surveillance or website monitoring is at large within a country, its users will do everything possible to restrict that. One sure way is to geo-spoof your location.

The same applies to when you’re trying to access streaming services like Netflix from a country that doesn’t allow it. Or, you do have access to it, but are not able to access a particular library. In this case, Geo-spoofing your location plays an important role.

However, don’t get it wrong. Geo-spoofing does not mean changing your GPS. Your GPS can’t actually be changed, because there are ways for it to get detected. A VPN can help spoof your location, and some providers even offer a GPS spoofing tool.

VPN for multiple devices

How to geo-spoof your location

As mentioned above, a VPN is a way to geo-spoof your location, and even though there are more than one way to do it, using a VPN is by far one of the more reliable ways. In fact, you could get one that supports multiple devices, so that you can spoof your location on all of them simultaneously.

How does it work?

Take note of your physical (original) IP address. When you connect to a VPN, you are basically switching up your real IP address with another one that a VPN offers. A VPN offers numerous servers from various locations around the world.

When you connect to any one of these servers, you will be assigned any of its numerous IP addresses. After that, when you use the internet, your ISP will see you traffic as one from abroad, rather than the country you’re actually in.

How to use a VPN to geo-spoof your location

  1. Subscribe or use a free trial of any VPN that is the best.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Launch the VPN and sign in to your account.
  4. Clear all cookies and cache, just to delete trails of your original IP address and other identifiable details.
  5. Connect to any server (of the country you want to appear in virtually.)
  6. That’s all! Your location has now been geo-spoofed.

Other than this, there are ways for you to geo-spoof your location using certain apps for Android and iOS smartphones. The apps are available on the Google Play and the Apple App Stores. However, where iOS apps are concerned, there might not be any that actually work. Instead, you will need to download a desktop version and then connect your phone to it, to use the Geo-spoofing app.

To conclude

And that’s about it! You now know how to geo-spoof your location with a VPN. There are other reasons why using a VPN might be the best idea, and that’s also directed to online privacy and security, even while changing your location. For starters, using other unknown apps that you might find on the app stores, could come with a bunch of vulnerabilities. You could look for the best one, but a VPN is just the safest option.

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