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Kudremukh Trek: A First Timer Guide


Kudremukh is a mountain valley as well as a range, which is located near the Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka. Kept by grace of nature at a height of 6,207 feet above the sea level the place is in the midst of the central focal point of the Western Ghats. The name of this place is eponymous from the word ‘Kudre’ meaning horse and ‘mukhe’ meaning the mouth which reflects the idea of horse face. The one side of the mountain looks exactly like a horse face. 

The place is also regarded as the heavens abode in South India. It is also the third highest peak in the state of Karnataka after the peak of Mullayanagiri and the peak of Budangiri. After reaching the summit of the trail one can surely lose his awareness of the materialistic world. Unlike other treks, there is no one has an option for camping in this trek. It is prohibited by the government officials, except the base camp, used explicitly for the same purpose. For those who are having a low in life due to the over-consumptive lifestyles then for them it surely is a must visit place during weekends, or monthly.


Total distance which one needs to cover is 20 km.

Difficulty level of this trek could be taken under the banner of moderate treks.

Trek duration, if we consider it effectively , would take to 2 days or so on, yet this depends upon the effective speed of the trekker, hence it could not be approximated properly.

Starting point could be Bangalore, and the outer vicinity, of the same.

Kudremukh is 333 km far away from IT hub- Bangalore and 100 km away from, famous city- Mangalore. The best way to access, is through the roads, as one could also experience a lot of new and novel landscapes.

By Air: The nearest air transport to Kudremukh is the Mangalore Airport and KempeGowda International Airport of the city of Bangalore. Both airports have proper connectivity with the important hub cities of the country. From there one can fetch many buses and private cabs available to reach Kudremukh.

By Train: there is no direct link to Kundremukh.

By Road: Road is the only best option to reach Kudremukh, as other routes are hectic planners, requiring behemoth systems to follow. Buses directly from Mangalore and Bangalore are the best way to come. 

Schedule Consideration

Day-first Commences with the overnight journey of 300 km from Bangalore to Kudremukh.

Day-second is used for one to reach the Kudremukh National Park, the place of interest. Take rest and breakfast. Then one should move ahead and start the trek of 22km to the top of the Kudremukh Peak, be cautious of the tiredness ahead.

While hiking one must complete the consumption of lunch in the midway, to fuel self,

After reaching the Kudremukh peak one should enjoy the glorious views of the peak and its environment.

Then restart the return journey towards the base camp, where one temporarily abodes. After enjoying this adventurous trek, take some calm rest.

After reaching the base camp, one should enjoy warm fires and sleep well for tomorrow.

Day-third, one needs to freshen up and have breakfast, and keep going ahead.

Then move from the Kudremukh National Park to visit local attractions Kudremukh like the nearby waterfalls, and other augmented sites.

After enjoying the mesmerizing site of this place, have lunch and then return back to Bangalore, capturing a lot of memories.

Best time to do

The ideal time to do Kudremukh Trek is from May to January , during the monsoon and during the winter season. The trek is not advisable during the summer season as few parts of the trek involve trekking under the open sky, which would induce as many have in the past shewn, heat strokes.

Things to do

  1. Witness of the horse face structure, the reason why it has been named so.
  2. Trailing through the Shola forests

Trekking through the Shola forests where you can get to witness the multifarious or many waterfalls and small streams of fresh water. Those who trek this place can spot diverse animals like deer, lion-tailed macaque, Malabar giant squirrel, and others as well.

  1. View of the rolling hills in Kudremukh Trek

The other famous river to witness in Kudremukh is the holistic view of undulating hills and, also the green valleys.

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