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List Of Fun Activities To Improve Online Class Engagement

Who dislikes games? No one. Who likes fun activities? Everyone.

It is struggling to grab the attention of students and make them engage in online classes. However, with games and fun activities, you can make it possible. There are various fun activities to make online classes engaging, effective, and put a pause on students availing to take my online class services.

But what prompts me to get take my online class services in the first place? The conventional ways of teaching, physical classroom practices continuation in remote learning made online classes a bewildering experience for the students. Abandoning the traditional methods of teaching and implementing creative ideas is indispensable to enhance the learning experience in online classes. Learners need energizing content to take online classes with interest, otherwise, they will stick to switching tabs. Staring at the screen for hours watching teachers delivering lectures will obviously bore them.

Therefore, leverage the multimedia online education system and create fun activities to improve the learning experience in online classes. Here is a list of things you can do to make online classes fun and engaging.

  1. Have Fun With Whiteboard

Whiteboard discussions are part of every classroom for discussing a topic or subject. However, teachers can leverage it for fun activities. For example, create a would you rather game where you can ask various questions with two options to select. The activity can be subject-oriented and must be age-appropriate. It can be an opportunity to create debate among the students and make the classroom engaging.

Furthermore, use the whiteboard as a quick draw element, more like a Pictionary game. A Pictionary game is one where you guess the drawings. As a result, develops an interest in the online class and the game can also be subject-driven.

  1. Do Not Let The Story Die

Remember the activity where a person kicks off a story with an introduction of 2-3 lines and the rest of the people add the same or more lines to keep it continue until the last person concludes it. Similarly, teachers can do the same, initiate the story, and let students complete it. By this, students will show their creative skills and of course, enhance engagement in the online class help the teacher.

  1. What Would You Do Activity

We all love being imaginative and dream of things we desire to have and to be. Let your student’s imagination out by creating an activity, asking students What would you do if they won the $1m lottery. You would be surprised to see the reaction of students. Soon the classroom will become a crowded place where all of them are chanting their answers.

  1. Truth And Lie

It is an exciting game where teachers assign students to write 2 statements, one true and a false. The statements are shuffled among the students to identify which one is true and false. Whoever gets it right, wins. The statements can be any, such as about a subject, experiment, or English literature and grammar.

  1. Get The Lip Sync

Make groups or teams of students where each member of the team has to lip-sync a song while the other team has to guess it right. The activity goes on until each student gets the chance to lip-sync the song. In effect, it enhances the ability to understand the people who cannot speak. Besides, it is a fun activity to make online classes engaging.

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