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Menstrual Cup Advice to Help You Splash Into Summer

Summer and swimming go hand-in-hand. You might plan to spend time on the beach, have weekends at a lake, or enjoy a few hours by a pool. And hey—guess what? You can still do those things on your period. While wearing pads is a definite no-no for swimming (we’ll cover why later), you have other period care options. A menstrual cup or disc can help you fully enjoy swimming in summer.

You probably have a lot of questions about period care and swimming. You must also be eager to find out where tampons fit into the conversation. So, there’s no time like the present to dive into the subject.

Can You Swim While You’re On Your Period?

Some people think they can’t go swimming when they’re on their period. That’s just not true. If you’re afraid of aquatic life smelling your flow or other people seeing it in the water, here is some great news. First, the majority of shark attacks happen to men (sorry, guys). Second, some period care products catch your flow instead of absorbing it into cotton.

A Menstrual Cup Vs. a Tampon in the Water

A menstrual cup, menstrual disc, or tampon are all viable period care products for swimming. Disposable pads are not an option for sanitation reasons. Plus, you probably wouldn’t want those wings peeking out for the world to see, or for the pad to feel bulky and wet.


Tampons are a common choice for period care while swimming. But they’re not the best. While tampons absorb your flow, they can also take in more than your flow in the water. And yes, you can totally feel that tampon when it’s all filled up with water. No, it’s not comfortable. There’s also that dreaded little wet string—hard pass.

Menstrual Cups and Discs

A cup for period flow creates a seal between the cup and your vaginal wall. It doesn’t let your flow out, and it doesn’t let water in. Discs don’t seal, but the placement of this period care product is right below your cervix—it’s not going anywhere. So, you can wear these reusable options when you swim laps, catch some waves, jet ski, or whatever else you like to do. You can do it all day if you like, too. A menstrual cup or disc is safe to wear for up to 12 hours.

Other Period Care Necessities for a Water Day

Even with reusable period care, you might need to bring other products with you for a full water day. It’s not to say your menstrual cup or disc can’t handle it (they’re not a soggy tampon). You might just want some period insurance istanbul escort products.

Taking Care of Your Cup or Disc

Bring a gentle cleanser to wash your reusable period care product and a soft, hygienic bag to store it in. These are helpful if you want or need to take your cup or disc out. You might not need to take it out, and that’s fine too. It’s a simple precaution.

Post-Water Wear

If you want to stick with sustainable, reusable period care after swimming, pack reusable period underwear in a go-bag. This strategy helps you avoid having to reinsert your cup should you need to remove it. Period underwear also keeps you dry and leak-free for time outside the water.

When you’re on your period, period care products are a necessity. You can wear them and still enjoy classic summer activities like swimming. A menstrual cup is a fantastic alternative to single-use, disposable period care products. Disposable products can be uncomfortable or unsanitary when you’re going in and out of the water all day. Using a reusable menstrual cup or disc lets you avoid that situation. They comfortably catch your flow, so you can go with the flow of the ocean, river, lake, or pool all summer long.

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