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Migrate IceWarp to Office 365 | Direct Method:-

Articlevibe | Today in this article, the user will get to know about how to migrate IceWarp to Office 365 without having any errors. Multiple users were facing issues while performing the task due to various reasons. So, for the ease of users, we have explained the automated solution below. By using software, users can easily solve the following issue.

We will provide users with the best EML Converter Software by using this software users will not face any hassle in completing this process. So, let us start the blog to know more about the software to import IceWarp to Office 365 account.

User Query: How IceWarp to Office 365 Migration Issues?

Hi, I am using the IceWarp email software to exchange and manage emails with my clients. Now, I want to migrate some emails from the IceWarp to Office 365 account to my company meeting in another country. So, guide me the direct and easy method to solve this issue in simple steps.

The Solution to Migrate IceWarp Emails to Office 365 | Automated Method:-

First of all, there is no manual method to Import IceWarp to Office 365. But don’t worry, you can easily import IceWarp to your Office 365 account by using the below-mentioned Tool. This is only the infusion to migrate IceWarp mailbox data including calendars, tasks, contacts, and so on.

It allows users to import multiple IceWarp directly into Office 365 accounts. Therefore, it will not take so long time to complete the migration process and it is easily accessible for both technical and non-technical users. All you need is your Office 365 account capability to execute the task.

Download the Email Converter Tool and install it on your Windows system. After that follow the below steps to migrate IceWarp to Office 365 account directly:-

Automated Method for IceWarp Emails to Office 365 Account | Step-by-Step:-

Following are the steps to migrate IceWarp into Office 365 account simply and easily. So, let us start the process:-

  1. Launch and run the software on your Windows system. Click on Open Button to start the process.
  2. Now, Choose Desktop Email Clients >>IceWarp Accounts >> Choose Folder.
  3. Then, add and preview the files before making the changes to them. Click on the Export Button, select Office 365 from the Saving options (Email Services).
  4. Select your desired location to store all your files. After that, fill in the ID/Password of Office 365 Account login credentials properly.
  5. Click on the Save Button to start the migration process.
  6. Wait to finish the process, You have been Exported successfully. Click to Open folder to see the complete preview of your desired location.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the demo edition export only 10items from each folder. Upgrade your Licensed Edition to Export All.

IceWarp to Office 365 Migration Software | Prominent Features:-

  • Direct Way to Transfer IceWarp to Office 365: – The app allows users to directly move emails from IceWarp to Office 365. To move IceWarp data directly, a user simply needs to enter all Office 365 credentials details in the interface.
  • Preserved Email Properties: – It’s the most reliable way of transferring IceWarp emails to Office 365 accounts. The software will keep email properties during the migration procedure. The original copy of the IceWarp mailbox is available in the user’s Office 365 account.
  • Advanced Options for Select Migration Process: – The software offers many filtering options for moving only selected items from IceWarp. After selecting the IceWarp user mailbox, you can optionally pick the Required folders.
  • Move Multiple User Mailboxes at Single Process: – The software allows many users to switch from IceWarp to an Office 365 identity. To transfer multiple IceWarp user mailboxes to, use the Select Folders options.


In the above blog, we have explained all the ways to migrate IceWarp to Office 365 in bulk. Firstly, there is no manual solution but, you don’t worry. Here, we provided the complete guide to IceWarp to Office 365 migration tool. The Automated solution is an easy and direct method to solve the user queries easily. The above-given statistics will help resolve your issues by using the best software.

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