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Migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Directly With All Related Properties

Synopsis: The question of how to migrate Windows Live mail to Office 365 has emerged as the one that is being asked the most frequently, and the reason for this is that there is not yet an appropriate answer. Your hunt for a solution to this problem is almost at an end, however, as we have detailed the method that is both the safest and easiest way to manually transfer data from a WLM account or files to O365. Proceed with going through the data to obtain the information that will be most helpful to you.

Reasons to Use Office 365 as Your Email Provider Instead of Windows Live Mail

Customers of Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud platform have access to a variety of perks that are not available to users of email clients such as Windows Live Mail. The following are some of the most common arguments put out in favour of migrating from Windows Live Mail to Office 365:

  1. Microsoft’s Office 365 is an application suite aimed specifically for commercial enterprises.
  2. It is equipped with a wide range of collaboration tools. Some of which include SharePoint, OneDrive, Lync, Yammer, and Exchange Online, amongst others.
  3. It offers a wide variety of customizable plans and subscriptions to cater to the specific needs of individual consumers.
  4. Any growth or expansion of the company that necessitates a more sophisticated application
  5. Office 365 subscription tiers that come with an increased number of cloud storage choices

How to Migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365?

The Windows Live Mail Migrator is an application designed specifically to transfer Windows Live Mail data to other platforms, including Office 365. It enables you to migrate data from your Windows Live Mail account or manually move files or folders if the account is not already set up. It is a Windows-based application that can export Windows Live Mail to Office 365 in batch mode and allows you to select which folders to convert. You may use it on Windows 11 and any lover version of Windows. We have outlined some of the utility’s features to assist you better comprehend it. Consequently, you should read them.

Why Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Migration Tool is An Ideal Choice?

  1. Batch Migration Capabilities: This Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Converter may easily export Microsoft Live Mail to O365 in mass quantities. The service enables customers to convert as many emails as necessary simultaneously.
  2. Preview Function: Before converting your Windows Live Mail emails and attachments. The Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Tool enables you to evaluate all of your Windows Live Mail emails and attachments.
  3. Multiple Preview Modes: This feature enables you to see Windows Live Mail messages in a variety of ways, which is crucial for forensic research. This application inspects hex and raw emails.
  4. Search Tool: The search option allows you to locate emails or attachments from a certain address or time period. Use the tool’s search box to access the feature.
  5. Complete Properties Migration: You may migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365 without leaving any data behind. The tool supports the migration of contacts, calendars, and attachments.
  6. Specific Folder Migration: Users can occasionally import emails from Windows Live Mail to Office 365 by utilising the folder selection option. You determine which folders are transferred and which ones are not.
  7. Self-sufficient: The Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Migration Tool does not require any additional software to move WLM to Office 365. Additionally, it may operate autonomously.
  8. OS Support: This application is compatible with all Windows versions. Windows Live Mail may be exported to Office 365 on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and lower versions.

These are only some of the features that may be accessed with the tool. You could have found it simpler to understand the capabilities if the features had been more clear. You may now look through the stages that are listed below to have a better understanding of how the Windows Live Mail to Office 365 tool functions.

Step-by-step Instructions on How to Import Windows Live Mail Emails to Office 365

  1. You may get the programme to migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365 by downloading it. After downloading the file, check to see if the installation was successful. After that you may begin to migrate Windows Live Mail emails to Office 365 using the utility.
  2. Once the programme has been started, navigate to the Open tab. After that select Open Windows Live Mail Accounts or Folder from the drop-down option on that tab.
  3. After you have navigated to the WLM Folders that you desire to migrate to Office 365. You will be required to choose those folders.
  4. After you have uploaded all of the WLM files. You will be able to do an analysis on the data prior to the transformation taking place.
  5. You may also view Windows Live Mail emails in Hex and raw mode for the purpose of in depth analysis.
  6. You may make your choice to save your communications in Office 365. Only by going to the Export Tab and making your selection there.
  7. Please include your email address as well as your Office 365 password. After that, select the Save option from the drop-down menu to complete the migration of Windows Live Mail to Office 365.

After the transfer of all of the emails, you will be notified that this has been completed. Therefore, this is how you may use the tool to import email from Windows Live Mail to Office 365. Which appears to be a lot simpler and more straight-forward than it was before.


The process of migrating from Windows Live Mail to Office 365 has been simplified as much as it can be for you. The solution to migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365 is totally standalone and incorporates all necessary components. It offers a variety of storage options, allowing WLM emails to be kept distinct from those stored in Office 365. You also have the option to migrate emails from Windows Live Mail to Exchange and other services, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Mac Mail and more. Follow the download link that was just provided in order to obtain the free version right now.

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