Myths About Car Batteries You Should Know

car battery is a highly essential component of a car. Without it, a vehicle cannot move an inch. It plays a substantial role in keeping the functioning of electrical components and ensuring overall smooth performance. You, therefore, need to have basic knowledge of knowing how to take care of it. Finding reliable Car Battery Shops in UAE is not hard if you know which brand to buy. Since it is the central power hub, a solid and expensive battery should be your foremost choice. It is never wise to go with a cheat one as it can stop working at any time.

Let’s look at some of the myths you should skip to avoid buying the wrong product:

Lockdown Will Not Impact The Battery

With the pandemic all around, we were confined to our homes for a significant amount of time. We weren’t going anywhere in the past year, with our vehicles parked in the garage all day. However, the situation has seen a slight improvement with time. People are moving around, visiting, and enjoying Christmas only a few days back. However, strict precautions are still there. Some of you might think that not using the car will not impact the battery.

In contrast, it does drain away. Electrical systems and some modern alarms can leave the battery levels to decline. Even if your car is in static mode, the battery is an electrochemical device that loses its charge over time. Similar to your devices, it also requires occasional charging.

Short Distance Will Improve Battery Life

With the installation of a new battery or if it has not been in use for a while, merely starting it or going a short distance would not make any difference. An engine left for so long requires a good amount of running for providing efficient performance. You can consider checking Cat Battery Price in Dubai for a good choice.

Battery Brand Is Not Important
Myth car battery Dubai

There is a reason that car battery price varies, and the quality has a lot to do with it. ACDelco Battery is durable because it offers the specifications customers need. Unfortunately o it is found that non-OE batteries can exaggerate at times, and they can turn out to be highly harmful. With car components, safety should always be the topmost priority.

Less Pay, Better Outcomes

People usually believe that buying a cheap battery will perform equal to that of an expensive one. Instead of saving up and buying a mediocre product, it is vital to never compromise on quality. Expensive batteries, a well-renowned brand, and high specifications are the ideal combination for a perfect battery.


Due to the myths, a significant number of people mislead others too. The best way is to ask professionals for proper guidance. Moreover, knowing the correct steps of taking care is also highly essential. But before all of this, you need to know the right product. It will undoubtedly last for three to five years without causing any trouble. Central Trading Company has been among the reputable players in the automotive market in Dubai since 1957. We work with several globally-recognized brands like Castrol, AC Delco, Blue Star, and Michelin tyres as part of our portfolio. We pride our long-term business partnerships and aim to provide our clients with nothing but the best.

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